Monday, March 14, 2011

McGuinty's sicko Liberal health-care: 'Come back when you're sicker'

Matt Gurney wrote in "Ontario tells patient to come back when she's sicker" (National Post, Mar.9, 2011):

"That the Ontario health-care system is under pressure isn’t news. But every so often another case comes along that proves, yet again, just how dysfunctional it is.
   Jill Anzarut, a 35-year-old mother of two young children, has had the misfortune of becoming the latest Canadian whose story speaks to the system’s broader problems. Anzarut detected a lump in her breast and tests determined the lump was indeed a cancerous tumour — an aggressive kind. Worse, Aznarut’s genes mean she is at high risk of her cancer reoccurring. There is a drug, already used in other provinces and in some cases in Ontario, that has been shown to reduce the likelihood of the cancer returning. But Aznarut can’t get it in Ontario: She had the misfortune of catching her cancer too early to qualify.
   Anzarut has fallen afoul of a quirk in Ontario’s policies on the use of the drug in question, Herceptin, which can cut in half the odds of cancer returning after a successful treatment. In Ontario, the drug can be prescribed for cases where the tumour is more than one centimetre in diameter. Anzarut, having caught it very early, has a tumour smaller than that.
   How can this possibly be justified? How much money has been spent on public health campaigns stressing the importance of women performing self-exams for cancer, following up on any abnormalities and getting regular mammograms as a precaution? After all that effort, a young mother does everything exactly right, immediately seeks medical care and is told … sorry, you’re not quite sick enough to get the medicine best able to treat you. Perhaps she should go home and wait while the cancer cells invade her body, then come back later and hope she qualifies. Welcome to Ontario, where we value early warning so long as it’s not too early. You really gotta straddle a fine line with these life-threatening diseases, ya know.
   For most of us, the absurdities of state-monopoly health-care usually mean inconvenience, delays and sometimes, added pain. For Anzarut, the cold inefficiencies of a ration-based system could cost her far more. But all is not yet lost, there is a review panel that can examine her case and grant an exemption. God knows if there was ever a case warranting an exemption, she’s it. If so, that will be good news not only for Anzarut, but the 100 or so women estimated to find themselves in a similar situation every year.
   Some Ontario patients have been able to access Herceptin because they’re lucky enough to have some coverage under a private insurance plan. If the only way to survive in the public health-care system is to come packing private insurance, is that not a sign that the public system isn’t working?"

Yes - this is the health-care monopoly run by disgusting Liberal scumbags such as Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor.
This is their Liberal health-care duplicity exposed for all to see. Come back when you're sicker, say the sicko Liberals who control Ontario's sicko state-run, single-payer health-care monopoly.
Of course, this is just the kinda scenario that Ontario's smug Liberal scumbags loved to fearmonger about: you know, that... uh... "Harris did all this" [!] when of course we see it is McGuinty and his Lying Liberals who are actually doing what they claimed Harris would do! Y'all got that?!
Feh - it's only a 'hundred or so' women a year who find themselves in this situation: therefore - as Liberals love to say - they're just anomalies!
Who cares about them, when McGuinty's, Bradley's, Craitor's, and Deb Matthews' main priority is to serve Tommy Douglas' dead socialist ideology?!
These Liberal scumbags force Ontarians to pay for elusive health-care promises; then, when these promises turn out to be a monopolist political fraud, they also ban Ontarians from obtaining their own health care privately.
That should be criminal.

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