Friday, March 4, 2011

Monopoly health care is not the only option

Matt Gurney wrote a column in the Mar.3, 2011 National Post about a Tim Hortons outlet in a Vancouver hospital  being temporarily appropriated in order to house patients from the overcrowded ER.

Steven Grossman responded to the story with this letter, "Private health care not the only option", in the Mar.4, 2011 Post:

   "Re: Double-Double Land Shouldn't Double As ER, Matt Gurney, March 3.
Matt Gurney does an excellent job depicting the scene at Vancouver's Royal Columbian Hospital (due to overcrowding, the hospital took over the building's Tim Hortons to accommodate patients) and he is validated in his claim that the hospital should be better equipped to handle a "busy day." However, he makes no effort to defend his proposal to fix the problem - allowing for private enterprise to enter the Canadian health-care system.
   There are many reasons why hospitals run out of space, the most popular of which is the number of beds being taken up by patients who are awaiting a transfer to another facility, be it a long-term care home or a rehab facility. While he may be correct that our system needs help, the answer is not always to privatize just because it is the fashionable phrase of the day. Perhaps if we fix inefficiencies in our hospitals and use the resources already pumped into our system in a more appropriate way, we can avoid problems such as that of Royal Columbian Hospital from occurring without private health care."
Yet: is the answer always to 'socialize', to monopolize, to 'Douglasize', just because single-payer collectivism is the fashionable cult of the day?!
The Grossmans' and the Jeff Turnbulls' can go right ahead and try to "fix" Tommy Douglas' perverted monopolistic health-care "inefficiencies".
But these 'fixers' should have no right preventing any Canadian from arranging and obtaining their own non-government-controlled health-care.
The supposed-"fixing" of Tommy Douglas' monopolist problems should not infringe on the ability of citizens to obtain private coverage.
The "appropriate way" to  "fix" the "inefficiencies" is through competition, not profit-hating collectivist rhetoric.
Just look at Ontario's monopoly-pushing Liberal MPP Jim Bradley: he's been... ummm... "fixing" health-care in Ontario for over thirty years - and look at the great job he's done...
[Can you imagine McGuinty or Bradley ever running a coffee shop?! They'd be hollering for government subsidies within a week.]
It is hilarious pathetic pathetically hilarious that the socialist Jack off Layton would go on to actually use this Hortons incident in a campaign ad, first airing Mar.30,11 - in a federal election, linking Harper to this incident! Har har har!
Which party is in power in B.C., Jackoff?
Who is the premier in B.C., Jackoff?
Why isn't the Liberal premier (Campbell or Clark, don't matter...) of British Columbia mentioned in Jackoff's ad?!! Has Jackoff demanded answers from those people - Liberals - who are actually in charge of B.C.'s health monopoly?!
Jackoff  has utterly jumped the shark here - his assumption being that voters are too stupid to know that the provincial premiers are responsible for health care - in the same way McGuinty is fully responsible for health care in Ontario. I haven't heard Jackoff lambasting Liberal McGuinty in Ontario - and Jackoff lives here.
With this ad, Layton has demonstrated the disdainful and disingenous gimmickry of his scummy socialism. 

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