Sunday, March 27, 2011

McGuinty's swan song

It's amazing how Alberta Liberal David Swann and his medicare-monopoly-pushin' buddies are agitating for a "public inquiry" into Alberta's health-care system; if only Swann would say the exact same thing about Dalton McGuinty's far-worse Liberal-run health-care monopoly in Ontario! Albertans just need to look at what Liberal scumbag monopolist McGuinty has done to Ontario to see the kind of disaster a Liberal future would bring.
Ontarians are heading to the polls in October of 2011, hopefully to get rid of McGuinty and his Liberal lies. Ontario - now a have-not province thanks to McGuinty - has to put up with McGuinty's Liberal bullshit until October; thankfully, this Gritty white-noise will be McGuinty's swan song.

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