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Another Niagara health-care horror? Just don't ask Jimmy 'bout that...

Read this and weep:
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So here's another Niagara health-care horror story: it took FOUR DAYS for an Ontario patient to finally receive surgery after one of his fingers was almost severed in a work-related accident.
Who cares?
What whiners.
This is just another minor anecdote, a minor little hiccup, just a little misunderstanding, which cannot blemish the Great Glory That Is Tommy Douglas' Shining Medicare Future. (Well, that's what McGuinty's Liberals will tell ya...)
There's no traction in this story which can be used to blame Harris, y'see... therefore, no one will give a damn.
Even though Reg McLean's above letter appeared in Niagara This Week on Mar.10, 2011, neither editor Williscraft nor any reporter followed-up with an actual report on this shocking health-care failure right in Niagara.
Even though Christina Blizzard talks about how funny Good Ole Jim Bradley is, no one in the media will EVER demand that Jim Bradley provide an explanantion for what happened to this patient in the Liberal-run health-monopoly hospital in Bradley's own back yard.
Liberal MPP Jim Bradley couldn't give a damn.
Neither could Liberal Kim Craitor.
As for Liberal Deb Matthews: why, she's very proud of what her Niagara health monopoly is doing.
There's no problem here, folks... Father McGuinty would like you sheeple to move on along now...
Amazing that there was this combination of no surgeon and/or no facilities being available for this patient anywhere in Niagara. Why wasn't this patient told to just go across the river to the States: Buffalo, thankfully, is fifteen minutes away: that's better than waiting four days in Liberal Ontario's health-scare monopoly. Just don't tell Michael Moore, though...
I guess in Liberal McGuinty-stan, the patient-sheeple must do their best to stay within the demands of the monopoly, and only get sick or hurt during normal business hours, whatever those are...
Funny how on New Year's Eve thousands of people were gathered in Niagara Falls Ont. for a concert - what kind of health-care capacity was planned and available had a major calamity occurred there?
Why isn't anyone in the Ontario press asking James J. Bradley about this?
Bradley, frighteningly, is McGuinty's Public Safety minister, after all:  isn't this a public safety issue? Bradley's Liberal-run health monopoly couldn't even handle this one patient's needs - what would they have done if a major multi-trauma emergency had happened in Niagara Falls, Ontario?!
Why isn't secretive Liberal Jim Bradley answering any questions regarding this patient's situation, and how it related to the Niagara health monopoly's hospital preparedness in general during this timeframe of  Dec.29, 2010 - Jan.2, 2011?
Why didn't Liberal Jim Bradley and Niagara Falls (Liberal) mayor Jim Diodati issue a public warning advising visitors to Niagara Falls, Ontario that the possibility of getting health care was severely compromised?
Did these officials neglect their duty to warn visitors that health-care MIGHT NOT BE AVAILABLE on the Canadian-side of the Niagara region?
Or do these clowns think that forcing one patient to wait four days to have his hand sewn back together is no big deal?
Why didn't Niagara's Regional health officer issue any kind of public warning or concern, that health care services may be compromised, may be MEAGRE-TO-NON-EXISTENT in Niagara?
Will Niagara Regional Council bother to demand that their health officer investigate this incident?
Will Liberal hack Jim Diodati call for an ombudsman's inquiry into the health-care failure in his own city?
Will St.Catharines mayor Brian McMullan take his hand off his multi-million-dollar-spending-bulldozer to demand answers about the failures in the Liberal under-funded health care monopoly in his city?
Are Niagara's officials so utterly blase about the pathetic state of monopoly health care, that they cannot even bring themselves to question Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor, who are the political perpetrators of this single-payer horror?
So dear sheeple, please don't ask Jim Bradley to explain anything! (Unless it's obliquely meant to blame the Conservatives, in which case Ole Jimmy'll be glad to answer...) .
We certainly can't expect Niagara This Week or the St. Catharines Standard to dare ask Jimmy 'bout any 'o dis stuff - especially when Jimmy's busy helping his Liberals get re-elected!
So watch closely folks: watch as your elected officials circle their wagons to protect their Liberal friends and their failed Liberal ideology; watch as they completely ignore Reg McLean's letter; watch as they solemnly DO SWEET F*CK ALL to explain the systemic single-payer failure that is Niagara's and Ontario's pathetic health care monopoly.
Watch as Niagara's polticians and Niagara's lap-dog leftist press pretend that nothing happened here... and ... uh... if something did happen, well, then, it was nothing that couldn't be cured with  just a bit more socialism...
'How many other horror stories are out there?' McLean asks - well... Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor will never tell you -
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