Thursday, March 31, 2011

St.Catharines Standard's Jim Bradley Fan Club workin' hard for Jimmy

Interesting to compare two stories in the St.Catharines Standard on Mar.31, 2011 - first story on page 2 by Don Fraser (Fruit, veggie growers get relief in budget) and the other story on page 3 by Marlene Bergsma (Ex-farmers seek another golf exemption). Note how at the end of Fraser's story, he writes that MP Rick Dykstra was unavailable for comment.
[Now wouldn't it be interesting for the Standard to tell us how many times, say, ohh... in the last three decades have they ever used that phrase when referencing provincial issues in which Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's comments would have been appreciated by readers? answer: not too FLICKING many...]
In fact, where was Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's OWN COMMENT in Fraser's story?! Fraser didn't say a damn word about Bradley, nor did Fraser tell us whether Bradley was available for a comment.
Funneee, eh?!
Fraser mentioned in his report that 'rising labour costs' were a significant factor in the farmer's concerns, but, isn't Bradley's Liberal government instrumental in setting and affecting labour rates in Ontario?
Why didn't Fraser attempt to contact Jim Bradley for a comment even on that specific issue; why didn't Fraser report that 'Bradley was unavailable for a comment' ?!!
Then look at Bergsma's story about the Kowaliks, former farmers whose lands were expropriated for the QEW-406 highway exchange, and whose remaining land is subject to highway salt damage, and is too small for viable farming; they can't sell the land for development due to "provincial greenbelt legislation".
Hmm: but whose government created this "provincial greenbelt legislation"?!?
Bergsma doesn't say.
Bergsma didn't even mention the word "Liberal" in this story!
Bergsma didn't bother to provide ANY comment whatsoever from local MPP Jim Bradley - who is Niagara's main cheerleader for the greenbelt!
Wow! Why... it's as if Good Ole Jimmy suddenly doesn't have anything to, um... do with the greenbelt!!! Or labour costs!! Or global-warming fear mongering!
Hey, there, JimmyBoyFanClub members: was Liberal MPP Jim Bradley "unavailable for comment"... or did y'all not even bother to ask?

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