Monday, March 28, 2011

Jim Bradley still silent about wasteful Liberal eco-tax fiaso

When Liberal monopolists such as Jim Bradley, Kim Craitor, Dalton McGuinty, Dwight Duncan, Brad Duguid, and Deb Matthews deny coverage to cancer patients, close hospital emergency rooms, continue with health-care cuts and cancellations, underfund the health monopoly, cut previous supposedly-"universal" health-care coverage, and raise new health taxes while downloading costs to municipalities, it would be nice to see, oh, say, MPP Jim Bradley explain why it's all right for the Liberals to blow another $18 million on their eco-tax fiasco, as patients in the Liberal health-care monopoly suffer.
Funny how the St.Catharines Standard's Earth Hour GreenFear TM  spreaders conveniently can't find Jimmy or Kimmy to explain their wasteful ways.
Feh... what's 18 million, when Jim Bradley is Trying To Save The Planet?!

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