Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The McGuinty-Craitor Liberal LHIN blame game


The Toronto Star, Jan.26, 2010, had a CP story, "McGuinty defends closure of Fort Erie hospital emergency room":

   "Premier Dalton McGuinty is defending the decision to close the emergency room in Fort Erie, saying the province can't afford to provide every service in every community.
   McGuinty says he doesn't want to pre-judge the outcome of an expected coroner's inquest into the death of Reilly Anzovino following a Boxing Day car accident.
   The 18-year-old died as the ambulance carrying her was travelling more than 40 kilometres to Welland because the emergency department in Fort Erie had been closed.
   The Ontario Health Coalition says the teen's death raises questions about whether closing the emergency room in Fort Erie led to an avoidable fatality.
   McGuinty says it was the local health integration network that advised the government to close the Fort Erie emergency room.
   He says hospital funding has increased 43 per cent since the Liberals came to power in 2003, but the government must decide which services it can afford to provide in which communities.
   The premier also says there's nothing unusual in hospitals deciding to postpone elective surgeries until after their fiscal year end to avoid running deficits, which are illegal under Ontario law."

There's 'nothing unusual' in postponing elective surgeries (because they're not really important, eh?) in order to satisfy some Liberal politician's accounting edict?!




It is this kind of ignorant, smug, wrong-headed comment that is indicative of McGuinty's failing Liberal health care ideology.

Think about it: McGuinty, unbelievably, sees it as quite normal that elective surgeries are on a lower priority than politically-mandated accounting details!

McGuinty sees NOTHING UNUSUAL in putting a real patient's need below that of the state's accounting decrees! That McGuinty sees this as just a plain ole' truth, just a regular ole' way of doin' things, is WHY THESE LIBERALS ARE INCOMPETENT.

And, though the Star claims McGuinty doesn't want to "pre-judge the outcome" of the coroner's inquest, that's exactly what McGuinty has already done, as seen in a Jan.27, 2010 St.Catharines Standard story by Jonathan Jenkins (see here): whatever the coroner may recommend, McGuinty's already saying he won't change his mind!!

And don't forget McGuinty's above statement that THE PROVINCE CAN'T AFFORD TO PROVIDE EVERY SERVICE IN EVERY COMMUNITY. Read that again: did you ever hear Liberal scumbag health-monopolists such as McGuinty, Craitor, Bradley, Duguid, Matthews, Duncan, etc. say this BEFORE their last election?!?! They were PRETENDING that the OPPOSITE was true!! They were pretending that Ontario's health-care was peachy-keen EVERYWHERE in the province!

So, in the Jan.26, 2010 Star McGuinty admitted that his Liberal health-care monopolism is asymetrical, un-even, and skewed. Yet: the Liberals will not allow patients to look after their own needs privately. McGuinty's Liberal scumbags purposefully prevent Ontarians from pursuing non-government-reliant health care, on none other than ideological grounds. (see Lorne Gunter's column "Public health care has no claim to moral superiority", National Post, Mar.23, 2011)

And lastly - let's remember what McGuinty also said in the Jan.26, 2010 Toronto Star, as I outlined in red above.

Note how McGuinty first blamed the LHIN: McGuinty said that the LHIN advised the government to close down the Fort Erie ER. But then, McGuinty also said that the government must decide which medical services would be provided and where this would be. In other words, the LHIN's "advice" wasn't "real" "advice": the LHIN was only regurgitating WHAT THE LIBERALS HAD ALREADY TOLD THEM TO SAY!!

In other words, McGuinty's Liberal government had already decided which medical services and  facilities would be cut; the LHIN's job (as obedient state-apparatchiks) was to present this pre-ordained Liberal political decision as if they came up with this advice all on their own!

Therein lies the McGuinty Liberal government's health-care duplicity, writ large, for all to see.

And let's remember: Liberal loony MPP Kim Craitor is quite happy with the Niagara LHIN and its outgoing boss Gledhill !! So: compare that to McGuinty telling us that the ER closures in Niagara were (ostensibly) due to the LHIN's advice!!!

Do y'all see the incongruous realities being spun here by the Liberals?!

To blame the LHIN; to not blame the LHIN... hmm... which is it??!  A Liberal will spin this, depending on the particular day, and the particular circumstance. Does Craitor agree with his own Liberal leader: that the LHIN is to blame for closing the Fort Erie ER?! McGuinty blames the LHIN [which, by the way, is why Smitherman designed the LHIN's!]; yet Kim Craitor supports the LHIN, and blames the NHS !!!!

Do y'all now see how inconsistent, how all over all the map, how out of touch, how utterly hypocritical Craitor and his Liberal health-care monopolists are on all this?!?!

It was McGuinty's Liberal monopolist government which closed the hospital emergency rooms; the LHIN and the NHS  - as agents of the state-run monopoly - were forced  to carry out George Smitherman's Liberal-mandated cuts.

Now, disgusting Liberal health-monopolists such as Jim Bradley, Craitor and McGuinty will do anything to pretend that someone else - not them - was responsible !!

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