Wednesday, March 23, 2011

McGuinty Liberals steal from health-care to overpay for "green energy" fiasco

Toby Barrett wrote in "Dalton McGuinty gambling with expensive energy experiments":

 "Ontario's Opposition has revealed that, at a time when Ontario families are having trouble paying their hydro bills, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is spending $1.05 million per year more than they need to for power.
Ontario families learned earlier this year that the OLG has become the largest consumer in Canada of Bullfrog Power - a green energy provider. Eight of their locations are now paying a premium of three cents per kilowatt hour for the energy they use to power all of their bright lights and slot machines. And Ontario families are stuck with the bill. To date, the McGuinty government has paid $5 million more than they needed to for energy through the OLG and other deals with Bullfrog.
• On January 20, 2011, OLG announced that they have become the largest consumer of Bullfrog Power in Canada by paying to offset eight of their facilities. These commitments mean that publicly funded OLG is spending more money on renewable energy than the richest private sector consumers of Bullfrog Power in Canada.
• To date, the McGuinty government has paid $5 million dollars more than they needed to for energy through this OLG deal and other deals with Bullfrog. Going forward, they will pay $2 million annually in premiums above and beyond the base cost of energy."
Millions are being OVERPAID for the McGuinty-Smitherman Bullshit Power fiasco, with the unaccountable OLG conspiring to fold in with this rigged green game. Why is the OLG not mandated to provide its "service", such as it is, at the best cost, which is not the 'rigged-by-the-house' politically-fashionable "green" cost? [...anyone looking into what McGuinty's other cosy monopoly, the LCBO, is doing?]
Maybe Kim Craitor can explain to Niagarans why his Liberal government thinks its OK to steal multi-millions from their under-funded health monopoly, and simply waste it on greenshevik energy?
Why doesn't proud Liberal MPP Kim Craitor explain why his own kyodiot Liberals steal from Tommy Douglas to pay for George Smitherman's energy fiasco?! Niagara's EMS ambulance service  is now strained due to Craitor's Liberal health-care cuts and emergency-room closures, yet Craitor and McGuinty chortle with glee as they blow millions on over-priced Bullshit Energy, while patients suffer.
Oh, sure... Liberal MPP Jim Bradley could also try to explain this to his constituents, as well.
But will any local reporters or editors from the St.Catharines Standard or Niagara This Week bother to get off their liberal-lickin' asses and ask these Liberal FLICKERS to explain their perverted political priorities?
The one sure bet is that won't happen here!
The press can't gamble making their local Liberal idols look like hypocrites.

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