Friday, March 25, 2011

Beware: Ignatieff's "coalition if necessary, but not necessarily coalition" threat is still in play

Coalition Redux, a new/old political horror play directed by Michael Ignatieff.

Hilarious how, suddenly, Ignatieff and his Liberals are pretending that they didn't want an election!!! Wow...
Also interesting to see how Iggy is hiding and ignoring questions about his coalition plans. (Iggy? Hidden agenda? What hidden agenda, eh?!!!!)
All Canadians need to recall power-hungry Iggy's record of past pronouncements; we need to remember Iggy's veiled implied threats as he constantly re-iterated his "Coalition if necessary, but not necessarily coalition" rhetoric.
Remember that two-faced Liberal gobbledygook from Professor Iggy?
Well, Iggy - who purports that he is so trustworthy and honest - still will NOT clarify his 2011 coalition plans with Duceppe and Layton. Iggy simply walked away from a reporters scrum when asked to specifically and publicly clarify his exact stance on a new 2011 re-cobbled coalition. [...Son of Cobbilition, coming soon to a riding near you...!]
All Canadians must remember that Ignatieff was not only eagerly threatening to overthrow a newly-and-duly-elected Canadian government last time, he was also a willing participant in Stephane Bumbledore Dion's failed leftist junta.
After being appointed as Bumbledore's Liberal successor, Ignatieff continued using his "coalition if necessary, but not necessarily coalition" threats.
Now Michael Ignatieff bleats on about 'honest democracy' (!) - while hiding his plans to create his own sequel, Coalition Part Two, in  2011!
Canadians need to see and understand, right here, right now, right from the get-go, that Ignatieff's coalition is STILL in existence; it has not gone away.
Bye-bye Iggy. You can get a cheap flight back to Harvard on Porter...

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