Monday, November 23, 2009

Iggy suckerpunched by Dion's pissed-off wife

Iggy got a good facebook-faceplant krieberizing by Bumbledore Dion's wife, see here; here.

Is anybody asking when exactly was it that Michael Ignatieff supposedly 'abandoned the coalition' ?

We all know that Canada's Three Stooges - Dion, Duceppe and Layton - couldn't stand it that Canadians DID NOT choose either of them to form the government, in the Oct.14, 2008 federal election !!!!!!!

So, with great smugness, these three power-hungry stooges signed their cuckoo-coalition on Dec.1, 2008 to try to topple the newly, duly-elected government!

By Dec.4, 2008, Governor General Jean allowed the Parliament to be prorogued, which spelled the final end for Stephane Bumbledore Dion's laughably pathetic role as Gritmaster.

Dion quickly resigned (again) and was mercifully gone by Dec.10, 2008, when Iggy became, by acclamation, the New Liberal Saviour. Iggy then continued his "coalition if necessary, but not necessarily coalition" shtick so nauseatingly-often that we all forget the coalition essentially fell apart when the GG made her Dec.4, 2008 decision to prorogue (see: here)

Iggy's been trying hard to now claim that while he supported the coalition, he was also against the coalition all along [yeah - EXACTLY: whaaaaaaat?!? Clear as mud!]

Bob Rae has even claimed that there never was any coalition between the Liberals and Duceppe's separatists (See: here), but, it seems that Krieber is bolstering Iggy's revisionism as well, when she writes: "By refusing the historic coalition that would have placed it at the helm of the left, it will be punished by history."

So: who is Krieber referring to that 'refused this historic coalition'?! Iggy? Is she intimating that Bob Rae (who, like Iggy, also supported the coalition) was more of a coalitionist than Iggy, and that Rae should have been "made" Librano leader; that Rae should have been placed "at the helm of the left", instead of his political nemesis, Iggy? Is Krieber hinting that Liberals should resurrect the coalition?! That's a horror story that would revolt Canadians!

In Janine Krieber's mind, was the coalition still intact after the GG's Dec.4, 2008 decision, when Stephane was still the (lame-duck) leader? In Krieber's mind, was the coalition still intact when Iggy got the Liberal Crown on Dec.10, 2008? Was the coalition still intact when Parliament resumed in early 2009?? For how long does Krieber believe the coalition was intact? How is anyone supposed to know? Is the coalition still intact now in Nov.2009; is it still a dormant possibility? Do Layton or Duceppe know? Sigh...

Krieber should be thanked for helping finish off what little was left of the Liberals after hubby Bumbledore greenshifted them into oblivion.

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