Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kaleida Health comes to Ontario, sort of

The St.Catharines Standard ran an ad from the United States on Nov.6, 2009; not too unusual, except that it was an ad from Kaleida Health, saying "Fast-track your medical procedure here"!
The arrow line travels around Lake Ontario, through Liberal single-payer health care territory, across Niagara and over the river to the States.
Well, this should get all the lefties into an uproar!
How dare these Bush... ohhh....sorrrryy... Obamanist Yanks advertise here in our blessed single-payer health Utopia, which Tommy Douglas built with his own pure sweat and guile? Why would they do this, don't they know Michael Moore has already proven beyond doubt that Canada's system is better?! Like, haven't they heard the single-payer 411, man?
"World-class health care right across the border", the ad sez.
What? But...
"Expedite it. Kaleida Health is Western New York's most dynamic hospital network offering premier services like bariatrics, orthopaedics, gastrointestinal services, gynecology, neurology, pediatrics, women's services, and diagnostic imaging. Kaleida provides all patients with world-class care as soon as they need it. Whether it's simple, routine tests or an advanced surgery, the wait is over with Kaleida health."
St.Catharines Liberal MPP (and single-payer health care monopolist) Jim Bradley must be incensed, with American health care providers pissing on Jimmy's leg, here in Jimmy's own failing Ontario single-payer health monopoly.
Is Jim gonna ban ads such as this?
His Liberals ban the providers in Ontario!
Jim can't allow the local yokels to become exposed to health care choice and alternatives; this will lead to uncomfortable questions being asked which Jim Bradley's Liberal rhetoric cannot explain! After all, there's a cosy monopoly to protect here in Ontario... right, Jim?
Patients get 'World-class care as soon as they need it': feh... right, Jim?!
You'll get service in Ontario when Jim is good'n'ready to give it to you. Until then, shadaap.
Oh, remember the good ole days, when George Smitherman, Ontario's Liberal batman, and Jim Bradley, our boy wonder, teamed up to ban U.S. based Life-Line from Ontario? (see page 44-45 here) Remember the Monopoly Defending Duo's smug outrage, their tough talk... their bold Liberal BULLSh#T?!! (also here)
Ontarians crossing to the States for health care - why: that's a myth, Bradley would say! Is it also a myth that Democrat New York State Governor Paterson is planning more CUTS of almost a billion dollars, to health care and education in NY state? Yeah, health care CUTS in Obama country. Hmm.

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