Saturday, November 14, 2009

Liberal Rat leaves McGuinty to build another nest

"As selfless a servant of the people as Smitherman may have been, he was also capable of the sort of eye-popping hubris that allowed him to claim this week that, as Ontario health minister, "I delivered doctors to 600,000 more people."
Him. Single-handedly. Fancy that."

(Jim Coyle, Toronto Star, Nov.11,2009)
"I am a son of Toronto," Mr. Smitherman told the crowd, who were young and old, brown and white. "I want to reignite the sense of the possible."
(Peter Kuitenbrouwer, National Post, Nov.10, 2009)

What Furious George will more likely do is regurgitate continued senseless McGuintyism. There are a lot of people who'd say "a son of Toronto? More like a SOB."

"McGuinty issued a statement thanking Smitherman for "his tireless efforts on behalf of Ontarians."

"As health minister (from 2003 to 2008)," McGuinty said, "he helped reduce wait times and hire more doctors and nurses. The Fraser Institute recently reported that Ontario now has the shortest wait times for surgery in Canada."

On the other hand, opponents have blamed him in part for the eHealth Ontario spending scandal that cost his successor David Caplan his cabinet job last month.

Sources said veteran Gerry Phillips, a minister without portfolio who ran the energy ministry in the past, will be sworn in today as energy and infrastructure minister and serve till the end of the legislative session next month. There will be no deputy premier until after a larger cabinet shuffle in the new year.

Painting himself as "a candidate of the broad centre," Smitherman pledged to "build a campaign with people from all parties."

"It's time for postideological solutions," said the 45-year-old political trailblazer, who was Ontario's first openly gay MPP when he was elected in 1999."
(Robert Benzie, Hamilton Spectator, Nov.9, 2009)

"Post-ideological solutions" - from THIS despotic McGuintyite?!
Smitherman's more like Ontario's openly INCOMPETENT health/energy minister: everything this slithery snake of a Liberal health monopolist did was "IDEOLOGICAL"!! C'mon!!
Smitherman did NOT work tirelessly on behalf of all Ontarians, as McGuinty craftily confirmed.
As deputy premier, Smitherman was the face of the failed, lying McGuinty Liberals, helping blaze the trail to Ontario's massive deficit and have-not status.

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