Thursday, November 5, 2009

Monopolist Deb Matthews' selective Liberal outrage

"I don't care how rich you are..." blabs Deb Matthews.

Oh, look: McGuinty's health minister has finally popped up, blabbing her monopolist nonsense - or as Michael Ignatieff would describe it - Good Ole Grit Porno-Populism.

In Lee Greenberg's Ottawa Citizen (Nov.5, 2009) story, "Health minister angry as pro athletes jump H1N1 queue" (see here), Matthews is all indignant about Leaf and Raptor players getting the H1N1 shots:

"Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews is unsure whether professional hockey and basketball players who jumped the queue to receive their H1N1 flu vaccine broke any rules.

Matthews says physicians and public-health officials have been asked to “respect the science” behind a decision to immunize certain groups before others.

She was unclear, however, whether doctors who allowed professional athletes vaccination ahead of priority patients could face sanctions.

“When it comes to the queue-jumpers, that’s one of the questions that I’m exploring right now,” she told reporters. “I need to better understand that. And when I better understand that, I’ll share it with you.” "

Yep - Deb's unsure of what the flick her McGuintyite-run Incompetent Government-run health monopoly is doing - but when she does... (here comes that learning curve thing I wrote about! see here; here) she'll get back to us!!

Oh, she'll find someone to sanction, all right!!

Unbelievable!! What incompetence!

'Get out of line; get into line'... line, line, line... bla,bla,bla. The line forms to the left for monopolist health care ideologues such as Deb.

Deb's Liberal-monopolist ways are failing before her very eyes (as they did for Caplan and Smitherman) yet this ideological porno-populist hack is already scouring to blame the rich and doctors for her monopoly's incompetence. Deb's already looking for ways to blame patients/health care users, rather than examine the role her failing McGuinty Incompetent Government played in scaring the shit out of people, then being unprepared when the people showed up.

Is Deb Matthews still on her 'learning curve' about the flyer David Caplan sent out, back in September, promising the vaccination for "all Ontarians" in November?! (see: here)

Or is Deb still learning how to spin her Liberal promises (in the fine way explained to us by Professor Moon here) into blaming someone - oh... lessee... um... Harris, Diefenbaker, Bush -anyone else - but herself - the minister running the only game in the province, the Liberal-run state health monopoly?!

Deb Matthews should be tendering her resignation with her incompetent handling of the H1N1 rollout. And fed Grit Carolyn Body-Bag-Buffoon Bennett (see here) should be gone as health critic.

[Deb Matthews should consult with that "great Canadian" (hahaha, as per Coyle here) colleague of hers, MPP Jim Bradley, on how to go about blaming doctors and rilin' up the proletariat agin' da rich; see here. Bradley spent his day (Nov.5) in Niagara On The Lake hobnobbing not with the plebes, but shuffling along like a lost puppy behind Prince Charles at the Niagara College Wine Centre opening. By the way, there's a pairing of AGW Kyodiots for you.]

Niagara's own Royal Highness, Jim Bradley, would certainly sniff with scornful disdain at this following editorial, which was written prior to the Leaf/Raptor revelation in Ontario, (National Post, Nov.5, 2009, see here):

"Not acceptable." "Deplorable." "A very serious error in judgment." These are the reactions from government politicians and spokesmen to the revelation that Calgary Flames' players and their families were provided H1N1 vaccinations last Friday, while thousands of less privileged Albertans toughed it out on line. "This is a travesty of leadership and it's a violation of the basic principles of public health care," provincial Liberal leader David Swann thundered. Premier Ed Stelmach has promised an investigation. Yesterday, a senior Alberta Health Services staffer was fired over the issue.

If their outrage is sincere, it's bafflingly selective. Have they never noticed that when hockey players need, say, an MRI scan, they just sort of magically get them? According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, in 2008, the median MRI wait time for outpatients in Alberta was 41 days. In February, according to a Calgary Herald report, two dinged-up Flames flew home from Minneapolis after a Thursday night game and got MRIs, and diagnoses, on the Friday. Nobody so much as batted an eyelash.

It's not just Calgary's millionaires on ice refusing to adhere to Canada's one-queue-for-all ideal. It's customers of Canada's private clinics, where people pay $2,000 and up for a head-to-toe medical workup. (The taxpayers don't pay for that, but of course they do pay to treat any ailments the workup reveals.) It's people who'd rather pay out of pocket for a next-day diagnostic imaging appointment in Buffalo, N.Y., or Bellingham, Wash., than stay home and accept a much longer timeline. It's people like Brian Day -- founder of Vancouver's private, for-profit Cambie Surgery Centre and past president of the Canadian Medical Association -- who admitted in 2007 he'd used his connections to catapult him and his family up the queue. And it's every other person who, worried for his or his family's health, understandably pulls whatever strings he can to secure speedier service, necessarily pushing the unconnected - immigrants, seniors, the poor - down the queue.

However many tiers of health care you think there ought to be in Canada, it helps no one to pretend that there has ever been, or that there will ever be, just one. Clearly we are a nation encumbered by fantasies about the current state of our universal health-care system. This doesn't augur well for the deadly serious conversation we need to have about its future and sustainability."

Now, the same applies in Ontario: if Deb Matthews' outrage is sincere, it's also bafflingly selective - as it is for all of McGuinty's Liberal monopolist health care ideologues.

Deb Matthews has no answers as to why people are looking after themselves, and for why she can't immediately conjure up a specific law blaming them, because Deb Matthews cannot see that her monopolist, single-payer health care fantasy has failed.

Deb has revealed her innate Liberal Healthcare Duplicity.

(see here for the miserable details:

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