Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ontario's Incompetent Dalton McSpendy

Dalton McGuinty's Incompetent Liberal Government was the focus of Opposition leader Tim Hudak's column in the National Post, Oct.27, 2009 see: here.

In his column Hudak wrote:

"It took from Confederation to 2003 to get Ontario's budget to $68-billion. Today, Dalton McGuinty is spending $113-billion. That's a 65% increase in the size of government in just six years. Over the same time period, Ontario's economy grew by 6.2%
Better times hid a fact that bad times have now revealed; the McGuinty government has, for years, engaged in unsustainable spending.
While the shock of the deficit is enough for most taxpayers, there is more bad news. Amazingly, the McGuinty government still has yet to introduce a single spending restraint in order to prevent the deficit from growing further.
The Finance Minister actually admitted "We haven't even begun to look at the choices we might make." It's hard to imagine a family saying the same thing to their bank or mortgage lender if faced with an ongoing and increasing shortfall in the family's budget. It is unconscionable coming from the mouth of our province's Finance Minister."

That Dwight's not prepared with any kind of plan isn't surprising, seeing that Deficit Minister Dunco didn't even know his own city's casino was also running a power station! What comes out of the Liberal mouths of Duncan, McGuinty, and St. Catharines Liberal Jim Bradley is sickening.
Another good column is by Niels Veldhuis in the Oct.26 National Post , titled "Dalton McSpendy", see: here.
In his column, Veldhuis noted:
"By all accounts, the growth in government spending in Ontario has been startling. During its first term, Premier McGuinty’s government ramped up spending from $73.9-billion in 2003/04 to $96.5-billion in 2007/08, an increase of more than 30%.
To finance its four-year spending spree and move from a significant deficit of $5.5-billion in 2003/04 to surplus of $590-million by 2007/08, the government implemented a number of damaging tax increases (i.e. the then new Ontario Health Premium, cancellation of the planned elimination of the personal income surtax and corporate income tax increases).
This government’s inability to control spending is best illustrated by comparing average spending increases to both economic growth and the average growth rate that would compensate for the growth in population plus inflation in Ontario. Between 2003/04 and 2007/08, government spending increased at an average rate of 6.9% — more than twice as fast as average inflation and population growth (3.0%) and much faster than the average rate of economic growth (4.4%).
The primary reason why Ontario is now facing deficits into the foreseeable future is not the result of the current economic downturn but rather that the government failed to restrain spending when the economy was growing (2003/04 to 2007/08)."
Yep - its sad when Liberal incompetents, through their Liberal incompetence, sink Ontario into have-not status, and all that spendaholic Jim Bradley can do is proudly blab about banning cell phones. The Toronto Red Tsar's Jim Coyle sings praise to Bradley here.
Hey, Coyle - Bradley couldn't give a flicking shit about his constituents.
Bradley is all about ideology... a true Liberal duplicitous scumbag. Bradley is a dinosaur who still bleats on about Mike Harris, as if Liberal disasters - and Bradley's own complicity therein - such as David Peterson never happened; as if the Liberal disaster now under Dalton McGuinty isn't happening.
Bradley blithely represents what is wrong about Ontario's Liberal government.

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