Thursday, October 15, 2009

The 'Politics of Hope' trope

You know you might be a comedian from Wainfleet when your own body-bag humour arrives DOA. William Thomas - let's respectfully call him Willie - in his All the World's a Circus tripe (Niagara This Week, Oct.8, 2009) gropes and flails for boffo but nets up predictable dredge. Willie knows (doesn't he?) that, for example, the way the McGuinty Liberal government works is to promise money but deliver distractions. Willie can't seem to write about that. Willie doesn't write about McGuinty's value-for-the-eHealth-dollar. Willie must be too bogged down to read an honest view of the body-bag farce - a farce propagated by the Liberals: see here. Willie's making no one at Comedy Central jealous. But Iggy - now there's hot material for you.
Over at the Toronto Red Star, Bob Hepburn wrote a knee-slappingly funny sycophantic piece on "Ignatieff, Obama and a renewed 'politics of hope', (Oct.15, 2009)
What - Hepburn was being serious here?!
He doesn't see Obama's laughable peace prize as one of the biggest jokes since Arafat was "honoured"? Oh... right... this is the Toronto Red Star, after all.
The Nobel peace prize being given to Obama was "a stroke of brilliance" writes Bob - or was it just a collective stroke suffered by the award committee?
What we can hope for is that Iggy implodes by November, and that in December - just as they did exactly a year ago, the Liberals will change leaders and anoint a New King - perhaps King Bob 'we're-in-the-same-boat-now' Rae.
Margaret Webb also does a funnee at the Red Star - promoting the hilarious concept to f*ck up the production of food in Canada the same way socialism has f#cked up health care.
That's actually not funny.
haha - Ole Willie kept the 'laughs' coming in his laughable Niagara This Week (Jan.18, 2017) piece of hagiography, ejaculating over his beloved marxist, Barack Hussein Obama.
Wille writes "Sadly, even the President’s lasting gift of humour may be short lived since the words “President Trump” have already become the biggest joke in American history."
Sad how people such as William Thomas cannot understand that the entire Obama legacy was repudiated in the last election; that the entire eight-long-year-long political experiment based out of Obama's Oval Office Laugh Factory was an unfortunate, unfunny joke. From war-monger Obama's phony Nobel 'peace' prize, to Obama's lengthy disparagement of America, to Obama's trampling of the Constitution, to Obama's disgusting release of several hundred criminals during the his last pathetic days of  rule, Barack was performing an 8 year-long comedy skit. 
William Thomas doesn't get that joke.

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