Thursday, October 29, 2009

Niagara Falls Then and Now: Buildings renovated

below: Sept.9, 2009; the former Critelli's storefront on the south side of Queen St., just west of Ontario Ave., in Niagara Falls Ont., goes from green to a yellow paint job.
above: same view, Nov.2, 2009, gold and red-trimmed facade seen with new awnings
above: Dec.1, 2008; view of the south side of Queen St., just east of St. Clair Ave.
Where The Perspective is seen, was once the storefront of Edd Masters Mens Shop; where Jonathon Adams Glass Blowing Gallery is seen, once was Helen's Millinery shop - see here.
above: Sept.1, 2009, same buildings, with a new storefront, Cranberry Creek, starting renovations
above: Sept.10, 2009 - the 'old-e tudor-e' stucco and wood facade is covered by wood framing.
above: Sept.11, 2009 - framing continues.
above: Sept.18, 2009 - dentil detail work installed, primer painting underway
above: Sept.23, 2009
above: Oct.20, 2009 - Adonis now seen with a black canopy above; Cranberry's new sign installed on Oct.19
above: Feb.3, 2009 - looking along the north side of Queen, just east of St. Clair Ave., at where the Woolworth's once was
above: May 11, 2009; same view as the incoming Buttery restaurant renovates the space
above: Oct.16, 2009 looking at the south-west corner of Ferry St. and Fallsview Ave., at the former VIP Korean restaurant.
above: Oct.21, 2009, windows being blocked
above: Oct.23, 2009; the rear windows have been blocked; interior work is underway
above: Oct.29, 2009; work continues - siding removed to reveal old upper facade, and some blocked windows.
above: Oct.5, 2009, looking east along Morrison St., west of St. Clair Ave., at the newly built Morrison Apts., to which the house at the left is attached, and is being renovated.
above: Oct.14, 2009 - upper horizontal clapboard facade being re-framed.
above: Oct.23, 2009 - insulation added.

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