Friday, October 23, 2009

McGuinty's ideologically blind Liberal spendaholics

Iggy liked to call Dalton McGuinty's Hated Sales Tax the Harper Sales Tax; now Iggy's done been gone all quiet about that.

First Ignatieff derided the HST; now Iggy supports the HST.

Looks like Iggy's makin' waffles again!! (see here; here; here)

Let's keep an eye out in the future when Iggy's quote from above - "We don't rip up agreements duly negotiated by previous administrations..." - comes home to roost.

Say what? Iggy's already provided himself with a clever out: "duly"!! Har!!

'Duly when necessary, not necessarily duly' - eh, Iggy? That's Iggy's version of Obama's ridiculously nebulous "let me be clear" catch-phrase. Hardeharhar.

Good Ole Dwight Duncan, the deficit-ridden spendaholic finance minister in McGuinty's Incompetent Liberal Government (the worst Ontario government since Confederation) is baffled why his statist-pushing, anti-business, interventionist Liberals are in such a deep 25 BILLION dollar deficit; odd how Iggy is silent! (see here)

Yet, back in October 2008, Good ole Dunco was pushing the federal government to rescue the best-left-to-die GM.

The Oct.30, 2008, St. Catharines Standard... (click photo to enlarge)

...reported in "Feds must follow U.S. lead in aiding struggling auto sector, Duncan says":

"If the US government is willing to bail out our struggling automakers and other sectors central to the economy, then the Harper Conservatives should consider doing the same, Ontario Finance minister Dwight Duncan said Wednesday.
Duncan said he will ask his counterpart his federal counterpart Jim Flaherty... to take a "more activist view" as the US downturn creates even more headaches for the auto sector."

So now -a year later - we all have to have "headaches", because activist Dunco wanted to "save" the piece of crap GM with tax dollars?

"We" DIDN'T "have" to bail-out GM. But that's what Dunco and St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley (see: here) were badgering for.

What's laughable (sadly) is Duncan's blather about "ideological blinders" - oh, what a flickin' stretch of irony that little quote was.

If Dwight Duncan or Dalton The Incompetent McGuinty actually believed in "taking off their ideological blinders" - then Ontarians wouldn't be held prisoners in the Liberal's state-run health monopoly.

Duncan spouts off about "ideological blinders" - yet he himself is blind to the fact that his statement, while smugly directed at others, is most applicable TO HIM and his Liberals! Duncan's intervention-loving Liberals believe it is others - not them - who are ideologically blind!

Oh, and let's not forget this treasure from Duncan Donuts:

"Duncan said he is hopeful Ottawa will listen,"... [sadly: Ottawa did listen] ..."even though analysts predict the country could be facing a deficit."

YET - ASTOUNDINGLY - IT DIDN'T OCCUR TO DUNCO that Ontario would also be facing a deficit!!?? (which, including the Liberal's eHealth fiasco, is now - let's repeat it - at 25 Billion dollars) But neither Dunco, nor Daltoon, nor Jimbo Bradley could have cared about that - they were, after all, State Activists on an Interventionist Mission. (see here)

Iggy loves to deride Harper's supposed lack of foresight regarding deficit spending - yet Ignatieff supported this; and Iggy conveniently ignores that enabler Dwight Duncan's Liberal ideologies, as well as Iggy's, helped balloon the deficit.

Now, the Liberals, feds and McGuintyites, are grasping for a new source of taxation - the HST.

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