Thursday, October 29, 2009

Niagara Falls Then and Now: Buildings renovated, part 2

above: Apr.17, 2008 - looking along the east side of Erie Ave., south of Park St.
above: May 19, 2009 -blue canopy has been removed and scaffolding in place to reach upper facade
above: Jun.4, 2009 new trim installed under upper parapet, under upper windows, and over the lower storefront
above: Jun.18, 2009 - new windows and doors installed, brackets over side door
above: Jul.15, 2009 - brick painted; new side door; lighting in place over sign.
above: Sept.3, 2009 - storefront for rent sign on window. Autumn Moon restaurant next door to the south gets a new bright yellow paint job. A bit of the old Rosberg building's north wall looms at the far upper right; on Oct.4, 2009, Rosberg's would suffer a catastrophic fire.
above: Aug.7, 2009 - looking at the former Burroughes Furniture building at the south-east corner of Queen St. and Crysler Ave., new plywood installed
above: Aug.10, 2009 painting underway
above: Aug.14, 2009, upper brick facade painted
above: view on Aug.18, 2009. See here and here for older photos of Burroughes.

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