Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obama and McLuhan: media without the message

Lisa Van Dusen had a doozie of an "article" in the Oct.21, 2009 St. Catharines Standard, titled " White House tussles with Fox over 'news' ".

Van Dusen's Obama-worshipping spin isn't " 'news' " either - it's predictable opinion from her. Fox isn't doing anything different from what any other media outlet is doing; the St. Catharines Standard spins its stories as does the CBC as does the Toronto Star.

Van Dusen ignores that the combative, enemies-list-gathering-paranoid Obama regime's attack specifically upon the highly-rated Fox is simply because Obama's government doesn't like them!!
Much like , oh..maybe Van Dusen herself should be shunned, censored and banned - just because the government doesn't like her criticism-masquerading-as-news!! Obama would! And, because Obama bought beaver tails in Ottawa, and says he loves us, and we love him, that's OK by us!! Let's censor Van Dusen, the way Obama wants to censor Fox!!

I wrote about this earlier, see here.

Too bad Lisa Van Dusen (whose motto should be Fairly Un Balanced!) didn't have the time to read Lamar Alexander's warning to Obama's administration today, Oct.21, 2009, about compiling enemies lists - see here.

Unbelievably (um, wait.... that's a joke: it's not 'unbelievable' for Van Dusen to spin it this way - it's PREDICTABLE!!) Van Dusen happily blabs about Anita Hill, but DOESN'T EVEN MENTION that Obama's spokesperson Hill is an infatuated admirer of the mass murderer (oops, pardon... "philosopher"!) Mao Tse Tung!

But that's irrelevant to Van Dusen's smearpinion, right?! Just as Fox stories on Obama's laughable green jobs commie "czar" Van Jones and on ACORN'S antics were best suppressed, right, Lisa?!

Finally, let's not forget to touch upon the ignorance (or again, contrived spin!) of Van Dusen's fifth-columnry (!) , when she writes her bullshit-skew about Marshall McLuhan. Lefties should be careful trying to justify Obama by trotting him out into the aura of McLuhan. Maybe Anita Hill should try reading and understanding McLuhan, not murderer Mao. Obama apparently is the personification of Thomas Carlyle's simulacrum, see here.

I attended many lectures and met with McLuhan in the 70's; NEVER has there been a better example of an empty vessel - Obama - being manipulated for the masses by the media. (see here).

Obama is the 'media', without a message.

That was McLuhan's point, and would be his point today, which Van Dusen, blind with Obama-idolatry, can't begin to understand.

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