Thursday, October 8, 2009

Deb Matthews: fresh face, stale ideas

So who is Deb Matthews, this supposed "fresh face" appointed as Ontario's third health minister since 2003?

Well, she's hardly a fresh face: she's been a Liberal Party hack for decades, who helped elect that disgusting Liberal disaster, David Peterson, starting back in the mid 1970's! Shades of Patti Starr and Liberal anti-free-trade rhetoric and Liberal attacks on doctors and Liberal attacks on landlords and Liberal waste on subsidized rental boondoggles! And you think eHealth is some kind of new Liberal scandal!!!

Matthews' Petersonian connection alone should be enough to make Ontarians puke.

Apparently just a year ago as a McGuinty cabinet minister, Matthews was supposed to also solve the poverty crisis in Ontario (how'd that go, Deb?) - as we all know, good Liberals are always trying to solve the poverty crisis - or some other crisis. Its how they earn their living.
(St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley still hasn't explained upon what information/lies he based his climate-change-crisis hysteria upon!!)

So what did Liberal Deb Matthews have to say about health care, back in the 2007 election, before she even dreamed she would one day be rewarded by following in the hallowed health-care footsteps of slimy Smitherman and the oafish Caplan?

Have a look at this video (see: here) brought to you by The London Fog, taken at an all-candidates meeting on Sept.19, 2007, in London, Ont. The question asked was "Can you describe your health care priorities?"

Deb Matthews, the loyal Party workhorse, simply spouts off as many Grit Party talking points from her crib sheets as time allows: typical Liberal boiler-plate rhetoric: yes... yes... yes..! The Liberals will hire a million doctors and eleventeen million nurses and everything will be shiny and wonderful and new: yadda... yadda... blah bla bla... but, hey, at least she said MORE - if you can believe it! - then secretive St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley ever said during his 2007 election appearances!

[Let's remember, during this 2007 election, McGuinty's eHealth was secretly in full-bore fiasco mode! Greasy Liberals were cashing in with their Gritty sweetheart connections!
Let's remember that (conveniently just after the 2007 election!) CIHI released a report noting that St. Catharines had the third-highest hospital death rate in Canada - yet no Liberal has yet bothered to explain why - certainly not Jim Bradley.
Let's remember that at the time, George Smitherman was doing all he could to prevent any investigation into why some 500 patients were killed by c.dif infections in his Liberal-run health monopoly!]

The most interesting thing in The London Fog's video is listening to what candidate Paul McKeever of the Freedom Party had to say: we need to save the patient, not save the health monopoly system. Restore to Ontario patients the right to an alternative to the OHIP monopoly.
Hey Deb: will you apologize on the behalf of your Liberal monopolist government for what it did to Shona Holmes?

Hey Deb: will you get rid of Smitherman's authoritarian LHIN's?

Hey Deb: will you restore the ER's that your Liberal health-care-cutters have closed in Niagara?
Hey Deb: do you agree with Liberal MP Keith Martin that single payer is an impediment to health care?

Hey Deb: will you immediately throw out Smitherman's sickening Commitment to the Future of Medicare act?

Oh, my... you can bet Deb Matthews will be just another assembly-line Liberal Party robotic drone, sent in to circle the Liberal rhetorical-wagons, and to supposedly clean up after the boys before her. Being a loyal long-time Liberal hack, Matthews as Health Minister will predictably serve up nothing fresh, and will simply continue to regurgitate the same old stale ideological monopolist crap typical of the Liberal brand.

Matthews is another interim keeper of McGuinty's failed Liberal health-care status quo.

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