Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dalton McGuinty hides from a Public Inquiry into his Liberal EHealth fiasco

Looks like Dalton McGuinty, Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar, is already once again hiding from accountability, now dismissing the opposition's call for a public inquiry into the Dalton McGuinty Incompetent Government's eHealth scandal. (see here)
Health care monopolist Dalton is once again covering up his ideological Liberal government's health care negligence, as he has so often since 2003.
So much for Liberal health care transparency! All we get is oh-so-typical Liberal healthcare duplicity. (see here)
Dalton McGuinty's Incompetent Liberal Government should be openly scrutinized in a public inquiry forum regarding its role in this long running scandal.
Why is no one asking more questions about this mysterious Liberal government official who we now learn tried to stall and delay auditor Jim McCarter's eHealth inquiry? That incident alone should be grounds for a criminal investigation into the conduct of McGuinty's smug, authoritarian, unaccountable government.
Hey - where's Liberal Health Minister Deb Matthews' response to the allegation that there might have been a criminal element to the Liberal government's incompetent handling of the eHealth fiasco?
Funny - in today's St. Catharines Standard, no mention was made, no comments were published, nothing at all was heard from Deb Matthews or local Liberal health care monopolist, Good Ole Jim Bradley, regarding the deficits at the Niagara Health System! (see here)
Is hearing nothing from MPP Jim Bradley in the local media even surprising any more - or simply expected and predictable?! Hey: let's blame the Conservatives for this, as clarion Liberals over at the Toronto Red Star are doing! C'mon Jim: get out your reliable ole 'Harris did it' rhetorical mojo!!
Let's try any diversion from finding out in a public forum when local health care monopolist and Liberal cabinet member Jim Bradley knew about the scandal! Was it before the last election? When did MPP Kim Craitor first learn of the eHealth scandal his Liberals were publicly covering up?
Why is the Dalton McGuinty Incompetent Liberal Government again hiding and covering up its possibly-criminal role in the eHealth fiasco?

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