Thursday, October 22, 2009

Greenshevik greenwash

above: St. Catharines Standard Homes section, page E15, Oct.16, 2009. Click photo to enlarge
What a load of greenwashed greenshevik (green-bolshevik) crap that first paragraph is.
Global warming fear-mongering stereotypes linked to "devastating tragedies" and to storms "due to climate change"! What pseudo-science!! What climate alarmism!!
O O o o o o w w o o O o OH!... Dat's scaaaaareyy... so... buy our construction products!!!
Really, isn't the Standard embarrassed to print such GreenFear-based Kyodiot garbage? What? Oh yeah... the Standard makes money doing it... oh... right!!
This is, I guess, an ad, seeing as it's shilling for "green countertops"... and the faux-byline is something called "News Canada". (It can't possibly be news, unless, of course, it's coming from the Suzuki-Gore-Ki-Moon Corp.)
Doesn't the St. Catharines Standard subscribe to some fairness of advertising council, which determines truth in advertising?! (Yeah... as if the Standard's Green Team gives a whit!)
This is another example of slick greenwashed corporatist propaganda being openly and mostly-unquestioningly fed to the sheeple.
Terence Corcoran had a good take on this vein, in the Oct.22, 2009 National Post, see here.

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