Thursday, October 15, 2009

Niagara Health System underfunded; Liberal Jim Bradley hides from view

above: St. Catharines Standard, Oct.14, 2009. Click photo to enlarge!
Inadequate funding for Niagara's Health System?! Whaa....?!!
How can that be true - our hallowed Liberals have billions to spend on their Liberal Party buddies over at eHealth, while our hallowed we-won't-raise-taxes Liberal liars have also raked in billions from their hated health tax - so where has the money gone, when dozens of Ontario hospitals in the Liberal's health care monopoly are in deficit, and while the Liberal government monopoly is supposed to be the sole health care payer?!
And typically, there was no mention or comment in this St. Catharines Standard article from local Liberal MPP's, and health care monopolist-underfunders, Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor. (...c'mon: let's give "reporter" Grant Lafleche anudder Liberal buttwipe award! He's earned it!! No Liberals were harmed by this "reporting", no sireeee...! haha)
Did any St. Catharines Standard reporter even bother to contact local Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor for their comments? (...well, Grant didn't: that's why he even deserves several more awards...)
(By the way, in the last year, does anyone recall Jim Bradley ever publicly responding to the Oct. 2008 Kitts' report?! You know: about how Bradley and his Ontario Liberals forced the NHS to create a HIP in order to cut health care in Niagara?!)
Oh, and, where's that new McGuinty-minted health minister, the missing-in-action Deb Matthews? Training in political spin classes at health minister camp?
Is McGuinty the interim health minister now?

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