Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ontario Liberal health minister David Caplan offers to resign

It's about time Liberal health minister David Caplan got the message, and handed in his resignation.
Now let's see if Dalton McGuinty will accept it, or will he continue to lamely defend Caplan (see here), seeing as Caplan's f*ck-ups are part and parcel of McGuinty's own Liberal f#ck-ups, and reflect directly upon the failed, monopolist, secretive health care ideology pursued by McGuinty's Liberals since 2003.
Caplan should remember to thank slimy former Liberal health minister, George Smitherman, for the gigantic pile of crap which Smitherman left stinking in Caplan's office. Grit, Grit same old shit... see here.
Why didn't McGuinty have the stones to simply fire Caplan months earlier?? And, why is Smitherman not being held equally responsible for his part in this Liberal clusterf*#k?
The Liberal's health-care incompetence is finally coming to light. They tried to hide it for a long time. They ignored McCarter's previous warnings: see here
No wonder secretive local Liberal health care monopolist MPP Jim Bradley refused to answer my questions about his Liberal goverment's cesspool of health care incompetence.
MPP Jim Bradley sat by and did nothing for years while his secretive Liberals bumbled on with their health care charade.
It's about time, then, to promote Jim Bradley from Minister of Stealth to Minister of Health!

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