Thursday, October 15, 2009

Open letter to McGuinty's disgusting Liberals

Stu McMillan wrote in “An open letter to Dalton McGuinty", (The Barrie Examiner, Oct.15, 2009):

"An open letter to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty
Dear Mr. McGuinty:
I’m going to call you mister as I firmly believe that Premier McGuinty is inaccurate. A premier would have had the guts and fortitude to stop the absolute waste of taxpayers’ money in regards to the e-Health mess.
A billion dollars and very little to show for it! What a complete sham!
Ordinary citizens are working their tails off and this is what we get? I’m sorry, but the odd firing and the resignation of your minister in charge is not enough!
These people should be charged with fraud. Taking our money, promising to do something with it, and knowingly giving us nothing in return is grounds for jail time. Kick those responsible out, charge them accordingly and use their pension money to pay back every taxpayer in Ontario.
This at least might show that you have some compassion for the little guy trying to make ends meet.
It might also show the next bunch put in charge of these projects that you are serious about stopping the bellying up to the taxpayer trough (you are aren't you?).
There has to be a limit (dare I say a budget) and a time-line firmly attached to these projects. It’s done all the time in construction, why not here?
In construction you are told to hold back a percentage of the agreed price until you are satisfied that the job is done correctly. Unfortunately, in this case the money just never stopped flowing. We cannot afford to continue this way.
A premier would have been aware of and stopped the redirecting of funds to high level bureaucrats through health care facilities, (most of us would call this money laundering) and when it is brought out into the open would have had more gumption than to merely say, ‘I
guess I should have known’ and ‘We’ll try to do better next time.’
What an absolute crock of hooey. How can this happen? Who oversees this? Why was nobody fired or even slightly reprimanded? How can we have faith in a government that has allowed this thievery to exist and simply turn a blind eye to it?
Please don't try to blame previous governments for this because even if they were involved in this scheme previously, it should have been up to a premier to do something to put an end to it.
A premier would have not filed a lawsuit against the producers of a legal substance looking for cost recovery for money spent trying to heal those affected by this dangerous product, while at the same time pocketing millions of dollars in tax revenue from this exact same source.
Why have you not sued the casinos and the OLG for cost recovery from gambling addiction? Why have you not sued the LCBO for distributing a product that leads to alcohol addiction?
I’m sorry, but you just can't have it both ways. Let's just say you win this lawsuit (although I doubt you will). How many jobs are going to be lost due to the price that will have to paid by these companies? How many manufacturers are going to stay in Ontario if the government is going to sue them whenever the whim hits them? Why would anybody invest in such a province?
I have tried to keep this letter somewhat civil, but in closing I cannot begin to describe my utter disgust with you and your government.
I pay my taxes with the expectation that I will receive value for the money that I send in. Up until now, I have not been entirely happy with the results I see, but have been quiet and reluctant to voice my opinion.
No longer!
I will now do everything that I as a single vote can do to see that you and your government do not continue to rip us off and I will try to convince everyone that I meet that you do not deserve to be our premier and your time in office will come to a permanent end in the next election."

McMillan's open letter should be sent to every odious Liberal MPP in Ontario. In Niagara, MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor should read it - not that these smug Liberals would care much, though...
Liberals simply expect us to pay taxes without question.
We're just supposed to trust them! Dalton knows what's best for us! Who cares about receiving value for the money spent?!
Dalton McGuinty and his lying Liberal scumbags have screwed Ontario's taxpayers royally.
Citizens are starting to see through McGuinty's crock of hooey, through McGuinty's false contrition, and understand the magnitude of Dalton McGuinty's Liberal incompetence.

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