Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OHIP coverage available in the US.

above: ad in Niagara This Week, Oct.29, 2009. (another similar ad ran on Nov.11, 2009, P17, St.Catharines Edition)

Dalton McGuinty's ideological Liberal health care monopolists are cutting health care services locally, yet OHIP funding is available for bariatric health care in Buffalo? Why aren't such services available in Ontario, Dalton?

Maybe Good Ole Liberal health care monopolist, St.Catharines MPP Jim Bradley, can address this issue?

Remember smarm-bag Bradley's vitriol against the American health care system!? (see: here, pg.44-45)

Now Ontario's Liberal health care is delivered in the States? (see: here; here)

Let's see - which Niagara media organization will ask Jim Bradley to comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heeheehee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh... what's that... Jimmy's not available to chat?! Surprise!

Why is the Liberal health premium being sent to the States, for services that should be available in Ontario?? Don't ask!!!

Maybe someone can ask Liberal Health Minister Deb Matthews to comment - but, well, Matthews has utterly vanished into an undisclosed lair.

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