Friday, October 30, 2009

Bennett's intentions were dishonourable

photo: St.Catharines Standard, Oct.29, 2009
Carolyn Bennett: what a Liberal joke, see here.

Bennett's body-bag tripe was way off base, but that didn't stop her from spreading her pathetic Liberal propaganda, see here.

Bennett's intent was to create problems where there were none, and hope that others would jump onto her smarmy Liberal propaganda bandwagon, which some did: see here.

Carolyn Bennett's amaturish body-bag smear gambit arrived DOA, and she got caught. (And this is the calibre of the Liberal's federal health critic??)
If she thinks her "intentions were honourable", then she's either a liar or flicking deluded.
By the way - why isn't Iggy apologizing on behalf of his Liberal Party??
Didn't Iggy know about Bennett's body-bag blunder right from the start?

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