Tuesday, October 20, 2009

McGuinty Liberals cutting health care - again

Karen Howlett over at the Globe and Mail, Oct.20, 2009, reported:

"Cuts to health care, education and other programs are looming for Ontario residents as the lingering economic recession prompts the McGuinty government to launch a broad review of the services it delivers." (see: here)

Dalton McGuinty's Liberals just blew a billion dollars in their health monopoly, while trapped Ontarians are forced to grovel within McGuinty's monopoly with no other health care choices available; this as the Great Liberal Incompetent McGuinty cuts health again - now ostensibly to save money!!! Can the irony be any more pathetic?

Ontarians need to escape McGuinty's ideological health care tyranny. McGuinty's Liberal scumbag health care monopolists most certainly cannot be trusted with something as crucial as health care. Let's not start believing that "the economy" is suddenly to blame for McGuinty's Liberal incompetence - COME ON!!

Howlett, though, shoved an interesting 'factoid' into her report, spinning it that although Poor Ole' incompetent McGinny hasta cut health care, it aint's so bad az Harris did!!

Howlett spews an old Liberal Party line: "Premier Dalton McGuinty spent much of his first term in office reversing the dramatic spending cuts to health care and education made by former Progressive Conservative premier Mike Harris."


So, then: was Liberal Finance Minister Greg Sorbara, Dwight Duncan's predecessor, simply lying when he said in the legislature on May 18, 2004:

"For the past five years, health care budgets in Ontario have grown by an average of 8% per year. We must begin to bring these costs under control. To improve cancer care, cardiac care, home care and long-term care, we have had to delist less critical services."

Sorbara himself said that Harris' Conservatives were SPENDING TOO MUCH on health care - an average of 8% a year for five years - and made it clear that McGuinty's Liberals were going TO STOP THAT!!

That's exactly what Sorbara said - see: here - just minutes before he announced health care delistings, and then hit Ontarians with McGuinty's hated Health Tax! (see also: here; here; here)
McGuinty's Liberals started cutting health care the moment they came to office!!

Maybe the Globe's Karen Howlett should actually have a look at what the Liberals actually said in the Legislative Assembly on Budget Day, May 18, 2004, the day Sorbara handed down McGuinty's first Liberal budget, and then compare McGuinty's smug claims/promises/lies to the resultant sordid Liberal health care fiasco we see today.

She can read my version of McGuinty's Liberal Healthcare Duplicity here.

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