Thursday, July 23, 2009

Single-payer sucks - as does MPP Jim Bradley, who refuses to divulge how many patients his Ontario Liberals have exported to the U.S.

Liberal MPP Jim Bradley still refuses to provide detailed information regarding how many Ontario patients his Liberal government has exported to the United States (since 2003-04, to 2009) for healthcare which was not available to them in Ontario’s failing, state-run, single-payer health monopoly.

Americans pushing for single-payer health care in the States are consistently denying that Canadians are forced to travel to the U.S. for health care. Although these patients were 'covered' by a single-payer monopoly health plan, timely and necessary treatment was not available for them in Ontario. Will Good Ole Liberal MPP Jim Bradley help set the record straight?

If Jim Bradley doesn’t want to answer, then maybe Health Minister David Caplan, or Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, can provide the answer:

Can your Liberal government provide any figures regarding how many Ontarians obtained medical treatment in the United States, between 2004 and 2009?
Can you provide any figures on this topic, which may be available from your Liberal government, or any of its agencies?
During this time period, how many Ontarians obtained OHIP-funded medical treatment in the United States?

In a July 9, 2009, St. Catharines Standard story, Karena Walter reported that in 2008, 122 neurosurgery cases had to be sent to the United States, just from Ontario. I asked MPP Jim Bradley to confirm or dispute this figure.

Was this reporter citing accurate facts? How could this be happening in a Liberal state-run, single-payer health care monopoly? And how many other Ontario patients in a myriad of other health categories were forced to obtain their health care in the United States, rather than in Canada?

Not surprisingly, our arrogant, secretive Liberal MPP, Jim Bradley, has decided he doesn’t have to answer constituents questions. Jim Bradley is far too busy with other mightily important things to do. Jim’s just going to conveniently ignore the claims of American single-payer agitators that Canadians rarely, if at all, are forced to leave Canada for health care! Of course, when it’s convenient for Good Ole Jim, he’ll bash the U.S. system like there’s no tomorrow… but not when his Liberal government’s health-care hypocrisy might be revealed!

Why doesn’t Jim Bradley respond to this utter misrepresentation of Ontario as a supposed health care Utopia; to this portrayal which claims that it is a myth - "a fairy tale" according to a deluded Mike Dukakis - that single-payer health care fails patients in Ontario, who must then obtain their treatment in the States?

Has Good Ole Jim Bradley forgotten that his local constituent, the late Suzanne Aucoin, was forced to obtain her cancer treatments in the United States?

Why, Good Ole Jimmy ought to remember - he even attended her memorial service – this after his Liberal government consistently denied her the treatment she needed.

Of course, at the same time, Bradley’s Liberals were demeaning the very same American hospital system to which Aucoin was forced to go after Ontario’s Liberal health monopoly failed her. Bradley might even recall that Ontario’s ombudsman Marin wrote a little report about that.

Was all that a fairy tale, Jim? (Oh, what's that, Jim - your Liberals did not fail her?!)

Was Shona Holmes’ experience in McGuinty’s health monopoly a fairy tale, Jim? (No comment, Jim? How uncharacteristic. . .)

How about Lindsay McCreith’s experience with Liberal ideological monopoly health care – was that also a hoax, Jim?

What about Rick LaPorte's, or Charlie Godden's, or Charlie Campbell's, or Mena Coote's renditions to the States for health care?

Does Good Ole Jimmy even know who and how many of his Liberal health monopoly's victims there actually are?!

What about all the other Ontarians I mention in my essay Liberal Healthcare Duplicity . . .

. . . are these patients also just expendable; just anecdotes; just unimportant aberrations in the Great Socialist Medicare dream?!

When single-payer despot American politician Dennis Kucinich bullied David Gratzer in the States that "the witness isn't responding" . . . Americans need only to look to the single-payer nightmare in Ontario - where smug, unaccountable FLICKING HEALTH-CARE CUTTING LIBERAL POLITICIANS 'don't respond'!

Dalton McGuinty's ominous cuts in monopoly health-care coverage and services were announced by Liberal finance minister Greg Sorbara in 2004 - does our local health care monopoly enforcer Jim Bradley deny that?

Sorbara said that the Liberals were going to cut health care, and, that's what they did!

"We cannot allow health care to grow at historic rates" said Sorbara. He admitted that the previous Conservatives were spending too much on health care (...!?!?!?...)

Let’s not forget: when Sorbara stood to introduce his hated multi-billion dollar Health Tax Gouge in Ontario's Legislature on May 18, 2004, he noted in his budget speech: "For the past five years, health care budgets in Ontario have grown by an average of 8% per year."

That's right: the Liberals actually complained that for five years the Conservatives spent TOO MUCH on health-care, and so the Liberals were now going to "control" that!

Does Jim Bradley - health care monopolist and health care cutter - deny that this happened in his single-payer health monopoly?

The Romanow Report even clearly saw that Harris's Conservatives increased health spending (especially under the burden of the odious Chretien/Martin federal Liberal transfer cuts)! Good Ole Jim likes to blab that Harris cut health care; yet, he fails to acknowledge that his lying, health-care cutting, monopolist Liberals are in reality far worse than what they alleged the Conservatives ever were!

Yep - Liberal Jim Bradley: health care cutter. Sounds ironic, eh? But, it shouldn't be surprising... well, unless you believe Jim's frequent BS.

Jim Bradley has yet to publicly explain why his local St. Catharines hospital was found to have the third-highest patient death rate in Canada. Was that a fairy tale too, Jim?

Was this high patient-death-rate linked to your Liberal government's health monopoly underfunding, Jim?

Oh, and what transparency did Jim provide when hundreds were dying of c. difficile in Jim's state-underfunded, monopoly-run, no-other-patient-payer-or-provider-choice hospitals? What accountability and openness did Jim show when his Liberal government hid from independent scrutiny of their health monopoly?

And this is the kind of despotic single-payer scenario that populist fool Kucinich wants to impose on Americans?

'Benevolent' can easily turn to 'malevolent' when single-payer despots rule. Liberals in south Niagara found that out the hard way, screwed by their own deluded Liberalism into thinking that McGuinty, Smitherman, Bradley, or Caplan were somehow their friends!

Yep - defending the Ontario Liberals' status quo is deferring reform.

Single-payer sucks.

The failing monopolist 'public-option' in Ontario needs to be tempered by 'private-option'.

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