Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ignatieff pours revisionist syrup on his coalition waffle

During May 2009, revisionist Michael Ignatieff began trying to con Canadians into believing that he had had serious reservations about Dion's coalition coup attempt back in Dec. 2008.

Come on, Iggy, stop your flip-flop.

The Liberal/Bloc/NDP coalition document was signed on Dec.1. 2008.

No federal Liberal had the balls to stand up before the afternoon of Dec.4, 2008 (when the Governor General made her decision to prorogue parliament) and say "Hey, 'I’m not on board with this."

Some behind-the-scene Liberals waited until after the GG made it clear that the clowns of the cuckoo cobblition . . .

[the 'cobbled-coalition' - made up of Canada's Three Stooges: Larry (Jack Squat Layton), Curly (Separatist dupe Duceppe) and Moe (ringleader and circus-master clown-extraordinaire, Stephane Bumbledore Dion]

. . . were not going to get the keys to Canada's government as easily as they thought they would.

So, where was Iggy when his Liberal party was performing political fellatio on the separatists and socialists in order to grab the reins of power?

Iggy didn’t protest - he and Bob Rae coyly hedged their bets - they claimed they supported their leader Moe, er, Dion, then they retired into the woodwork to watch the fallout.

So, when exactly was Iggy on record as not having agreed to go along with Dion's gambit?

Iggy willingly signed Dion's coalition agreement - and then, Iggy was conspicuously MIA for about four days! Supportive when necessary, but not necessarily supportive, eh, Iggy? Yep - clear as Liberal mud.

Where the hell were Iggy's so-called 'reservations' about Dion's coalition then?! If he had any second thoughts - as Iggy wants us now to believe - then why did he sign and support Dion's plan? Why did Iggy not stop it? Or present another scenario of his own? Or simply act honestly and clearly say: 'No - I can't support this' ?

Iggy - you had a choice.

By Dec.5, 2008 (the day after the GG's decision) Dion's little junta became toast, and for all intents and purposes, began disintegrating, although Liberals at the time still vowed they'd fight on... bla... bla... bla... but it was over, as we now can see in retrospect. However, Iggy was still using his 'My view is perfectly clear... coalition if necessary, but not necessarily coalition' line, on Dec.7, 2008 (with Michael Enright, CBC). "Clear", Iggy? Clear as mud. As clear as Iggy's trite 'the coalition was a means, and it was an end' double-speak.

Iggy's backroomers were already scheming to oust Dion; Dion announced on Dec.8, 2008 that he's quitting as Liberal leader; on Dec. 10, 2008, Iggy was acclaimed as the Liberal leader.

(Let's not forget, though, that Dion, back on Oct.20, 2008, had already announced his intention to resign as Liberal leader in May of 2009.
Dion had made this decision shortly after his Liberals got their ass kicked in the federal election, losing 19 seats and receiving only 26 per cent of the popular vote!
So Dion's previously-announced departure date was simply sped up when he quit on Dec.8, 2008.
Looking at this timeline in retrospect, Dion's coalition attempt was clearly a desperate, last-minute, opportunistic attempt to steal power. Let's always remember: Michael Ignatieff went along on Dion's coalition ride as a willing accomplice.)

But by the spring of 2009, only a few months later, Iggy wants some kind of Dion-style-'Can-I-have-a-do-over'; he somehow wants to rewrite, recast, reconsider, or revise his role in that whole unsavoury episode, and tries to portray to Canadians that he was somehow against Dion’s cuckoo coup-attempt: but that was just not so!

The Liberals, including Iggy and Rae, didn’t mind Dion's gamble, and willingly took the chance that Canada be sacrificed to this coalition of separatists and socialists for the expediency of a power-hungry Liberal party.

No Liberals - especially Iggy - protested a deluded-Dion's disastrous coalition plan. It's worthy to ask: Where was Iggy's much-heralded judgement then? Why is Iggy now trying to reframe what he actually did then?

When he could have, Ignatieff did not do what was right and call Dion on the folly of Dion's cobblition gambit, for the sake of the country, as Ignatieff now tries to spin it. Like a true Grit, Iggy greedily tried to keep his personal options open, despite sensing unease (as we're supposed to now believe) about the odious audacity of Dion's coalition.

Iggy - the two faced waffler - stood by his man on his reckless gamble. And this is the Iggy that wants us now to think of him as a decisive leader? Come on. Iggy threw out any principles he might have had when he greedily signed Dion's coalition papers.

Once again, don’t ask what Liberals can do for Canada, ask what Canada can do for the Liberals.

Over a $1.95/vote subsidy, the price of a cup of coffee, Canada's disgusting Liberals whored themselves out to grab power in the most vile manner they could - and this right after they had just LOST the federal election.

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