Friday, July 24, 2009

Three ER doctors leave Niagara Falls hospital - no comment from local Liberals Bradley or Craitor

Above: story "Falls' hospital loses ER docs" by Alison Bell, (Niagara This Week, Jul.24, 2009)
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Why weren't local Liberal MPP's Kim Craitor or Jim Bradley interviewed in this story? Wow - it's like their Liberal health monopolism has nothing to do with the doctor shortage which just occurred before our very eyes.
You damn well know that if this had occurred while Bradley was in opposition, he'd be screaming his FLICKING ass off at the "Harris neo-con health cuts and resultant doctor shortages"!!! You know it.
Yet today - not a bloody peep from our local Liberal health care monopolists.
Nothing in the press here; no mention of any Liberal being asked to comment on the loss of THREE doctors in THREE months at GNGH.
'Oh we can't comment on this, it's a personnel matter' the Grits might say (if anyone were to ask, that is!!); but you sure as hell would see the Liberals commenting if they weren't in power, and this wasn't happening under their noses in their Liberal under-funded system!
Apparently, when Good Ole Jim Bradley was in opposition, why, there was a severe doctor shortage crisis (no doubt caused - yes, wait for it... by Harris neo cons!!! haha) But now, the press doesn't mention any doctor shortage crisis, and it doesn't mention any Liberal either!
Let's ask Liberal health monopoly-enforcers Jim 'I hate doctors' Bradley and Kim Craitor - or if they're afraid to answer, then David Caplan, or his boss, Dalton McGuinty, to explain what is going on here at the NHS's ER, and whether patients or service at the Niagara Falls ER could become compromised.
And what's this crap mentioned in the news report about changing the hospital staffing model, putting (forcing??) fee-for-service doctors onto the NHS payroll, thereby preventing them from speaking out in public against hospital mis-management?! WTF is this?!

Didn't reporter Alison Bell find this at all worthy of follow up - getting a response or comment from the local Liberal politicians, you know, the Liberals who claim there are no problems in their single-payer monopoly monstrosity?!
Was any Liberal even asked for a comment; were they asked, but then declined; or, were the Liberals basically hiding? Or, were they just let off the hook, with no one even bothering to ask?
Time and again , we see that Liberal healthcare duplicity is rampant. (see: )
Ontario's single-payer status-quo sucks, as do the Ontario Liberals.

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