Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yet another attack on Shona Holmes


Ontario citizen Shona Holmes was attacked in the press again, this time by Janet Whitman in her article "Obama health plan raises questions", published in the National Post / Financial Post, July 25, 2009.

Without any reasons given whatsoever to back up her allegation, here's Whitman's sweeping condemnation of Holmes' experience as a victim of single-payer socialized health care; a victim who fought back:

"Already, conservative groups have come out with ads against an overhaul, including a misleading TV spot featuring Shona Holmes, an Ontario citizen who says she would have died if she'd waited for surgery in Canada rather than going to the United States for brain-tumour treatment."

Is Whitman alleging that Holmes DID NOT have to go to the United States to obtain treatment - treatment which was not available in Dalton McGuinty's Liberal-run health monopoly?

What exactly is so "misleading" that Whitman here is alleging?!

Whitman smears Holmes without providing any damn reason and simply moves on! WTF? This is the drive-by media at work.

If anything, Whitman's own curt, dismissive portrayal of Holmes' case is itself "misleading" - and this from a so-called 'journalist' writing an economic report for the Financial Post. I think Post readers deserve better than this half-assed smearmongering from Whitman.

Mike Deluded Dukakis and Dennis The Witness Won't Respond Kucinich will be be proud of Whitman's effort to smear Holmes for revealing to a largely-ignorant America (and to an equally dim Canada) what Holmes had to go through in Ontario's single-payer supposed Nirvana. That Holmes sought and got treatment in the 'terrible' U.S. - because Ontario's Liberal-underfunded health monopoly failed her, is purposefully underplayed and overlooked by socialist health care pushers and their fifth columnists on both sides of the border.

It is refreshing to see that the Financial Post is not immune to different opinions - but, this was supposed to be a real 'news report', wasn't it? Reading Whitman's dismissive generalization of Holmes makes her whole report into simply questionable info-taiment. She was moralizing and personalizing her so-called 'news report' with her unsubstantiated comment regarding Holmes.

Shona Holmes deserves much better than Whitman's callous smear job. Like Jacques Chaoulli, Holmes should be a Canadian hero. I didn't see Whitman's scholarly analysis of Dalton McGuinty's health care lies , tax increases, coverage cuts and uninvestigated c. difficile deaths.

Holmes' experience is what Tommy the Commie Douglas fans want to suppress, ignore and disparage. They don't see her as a hero, but as a right-wing plant and a traitor, out to git da system dat Ole Tommy bilt. Many politically-retarded Canadians do not want any criticism being levelled at our single-payer health-scare monopoly. We just want to emphasize the 'good parts', wave the flag a bit, and to make us feel even better, to reassure our selves of our supposed superiority, we simultaneously dump on the American system ( which many Canadians must go!)

Americans have no reason to fear Holmes - they should have the opportunity to examine what "single-payer" state-run health monopolism really is. Americans should question the shit-hole health care monopoly run by Dalton McGuinty's secretive health-cutting monopolists in Liberal No Patient Choice Ontario. Americans should realize that their system is Canada's not-so-secret-anymore health-care safety valve, and they should take that into consideration when contemplating the repercussions and implications of Obamacare. [Seeing the Demotard's recently-exposed, chilling 'elderly counselling' Soylent Green-ification of ObamaCare, maybe it now will be referred to as ObaMacabre.]


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R.Bobak said...

I love it when people such as “james” write: “What we have here is a failure to investigate.
Shona Holmes was not seaking (sic) life-threatening treatment for a brain tumour. Nor was she outright denied treatment in Ontario. She was, however, placed on a waiting list--as she should have been, seeing as it wasn't life threatening.”

James, I’m sure is a doctor, who got his education reading commondreams ObaMacabre propaganda. “James” is qualified to determine what is medically necessary or life-threatening, can diagnose a brain tumour, and can justify that Holmes - or anyone else – should be forced through state-controlled rationing to wait for their health care. Heil Hitler to you, Obamaniac. Nobody should be forced into a single-payer health care monopoly like Ontario’s. It’s not up to you “James” to be a death camp apologist.