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Michael Dukakis - Democrat moron... and a liar.

Re: "Why Republicans focused on KGH", Kingston Whig Standard, Jul.4, 2009

Democrat Mike Dukakis hallucinates that Canadians ARE NOT FORCED to go to the United States for medical care, when our system fails to provide timely treatment??

Can this moron seriously believes his own claim, that it is a "fairy tale" that many Canadians, although covered by insurance, can't get treatment when medically necessary, and have no other choice but to travel to the United States? You're a liar if you pretend this doesn't happen, Mr. Dukakis; and you're evil and disingenuous if you downplay this fact and dismiss it as anecdotal.

There is nothing more frightening than a Schultz -oid ignorant Democrat liar.

Read to see what ignorant Democrats pretend is not happening in Canada -!

Read any of the Liberal Healthcare Duplicity posts! Don't be conned by "single-payer" Democrat bullshit.

It's sadly obvious that dumb f#%*s like Dukakis have never even heard of Jacques Chaoulli.


In the Whig article by Jordan Press:

""Canada was used to say, 'See what happens when you have too much government regulation or involvement in health care.' It was used quite effectively in the Clinton period. The same thing is going on now," said Antonia Maioni, director of the McGill University Institute for the Study of Canada.
"Health care is one of the small number of situations where Canada is the alternative the U. S. point to," said Arthur Sweetman, director of the school of policy studies at Queen's University.
Our proximity and social integration with the United States turns the Canadian health care system into a serious debating point when American politicians argue over health care reform.
"It doesn't make sense for us to look at what you guys are doing," Dukakis said.
"Frankly, for one thing, (Republicans) don't know the provinces have major responsibility for this. For another, we have these tales of Canadians pouring over the border to get health care in the United States, which, as you know, is just a fairy tale. It doesn't happen, it isn't happening, it hasn't happened. " ..."

(Mr. Dukakis, you're full of shit)

"..."That's the situation and guys like McConnell just don't know what the hell they're talking about on this." ..."

(and you do?)

"... At the heart of this debate is an ideological divide between Republicans and Democrats.
Republicans believe an expansion of government powers would be a bad thing, that it could inhibit creativity in treatments and drug development and add an estimated $1 trillion in spending over the next decade to the mounting U. S. national debt.
Democrats feel the marketplace hasn't worked and favour more government intervention, by providing health care to the 46 million uninsured Americans..."

(...yeah....the same marketplace that worked for two hundred and fifty million other Americans! But, let's ignore that!)

"...There are a lot of us who ideally would like to see (former president Harry) Truman's plan, which is essentially universal medicare, run nationally -- not the way you guys do it through the provinces," Dukakis said. "

Dukakis knows, doesn't he... oh, why the f#!@ even ask... that McGuinty's Liberals in Ontario spend HALF the entire provincial budget on their health monopoly? Is Dukakis telling his constituents the real costs and drawbacks of socializing health care, if that's what he's trying to accomplish? Will individual states have constitutional protection against the despotic imposition of a sole federal-run monopoly? (Because it's not going to be benevolent forever!)

Antonia Maioni said "It adds fuel to the fire of some people in Canada who would like to see less government regulation in health care, but I don't think it will have immediate political implications."

Oh, come, on get real! The debate in Canada is not about "less government regulation"! What manipulation to even portray it this way!! The debate - such as it was with Chaoulli in Quebec, and such as it is with McCreith/Holmes in Ontario - is about despotic, no-patient-choice, single-payer, state-run health care failures. Don't twist the debate as being somehow about a lesser standard or questionable quality of care THAN THE STATE-RUN CRAP WE HAVE NOW! That is clearly disingenuous! It's about the fascism of monopoly health care. Figure it out.

Then there's this strange passage written by Jordan Press:

"Great Falls is not thought of as one of the great centres of health care excellence in the United States. Yet the facilities in this small town in Montana were better than any facility available anywhere in Alberta," Bennett said.

What he didn't say was that the woman was flown south only after all Canadian options for high-need neonatal beds were exhausted."

Umm, why the FLICK would he HAVE to say that?


WTF?! What kind of idiotic, slanted commentary is that, coming from this "reporter"?


That is the story!

Single-payer health care's failed rhetorical promises were found in the United States!

That's the real story, FF sakes!

But we know (maybe Ed Schultz doesn't, as his weird foaming-at-the mouth interview with Democrat Kent Conrad, aired July 3, 2009, clearly demonstrated) that the issue in the States is - as Obama himself stated - not about single-payer monopoly health care. It's going to be something else, like a somewhat-competitive, state-funded co-op type creation possibly, (a state-run HMO - Health Managed by Obama?) - but NOT a monopoly, the way some Canadians imagine it should be. Many Canadians, and Yanks like Ed Schultz, keep on thinking that Obama's going to emulate our monopoly.

Only a wilfully ignorant fool could possibly believe that single-payer, state-run monopolism is any answer. (Jim Bradley)

Many smug Canadians, who so love to sneer at the U.S., cannot fathom that Obama may actually come up with a hybrid system that will leap and surpass Canada's creaking, failing Tommy Douglas monopoly!

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