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Orwellian Single Payer Sucks - Hollywood has already made a movie about Obamacare: Soylent Green

Here are three good articles regarding what Obama's Democrats [who are now practising 'health care "communitarianism" ' - yes - this is for FLICKING real - ask Rahm Emanuel's brother, Ezikiel] are trying to foist in the States:


Betsy McCaughey wrote a shocker in "Deadly Doctors, O advisers want to ration care", (New York Post, Jul.24, 2009):

(see )
It is unthinkable that the situation described in McCaughey's above article is even a possibility in the United States. What's going on down at the White Castle in Washington D.C.?!

The new Obama Corp. Soylent Green factories will create 'green economy' jobs throughout the United States!

The green bolsheviks - greensheviks - will love this! Demotards will "save money" (note to Ontario's Liberals) by denying care to the elderly! Yee haw!!

Send in the 'Obama government advisors' to 'counsel' the elderly! ("hey, lady - you're costing too much too live, and, because you're still breathing, your co2 is damaging our international Kyoto commitments... so... the van's leaving for the Soylent Green factory in five minutes, I'll help you downstairs..."

Why haven't Ontario's Liberals latched onto this!? MPP Jim Bradley could tout not only "health care savings", but also that his Liberals are creating NEW, GREEN Jobs!! It's FLICKING PERFECT Orwellian logic!

AND - these will be sustainable jobs too - in a perpetual-motion green job machine, never running out of the old and the sick and the infirm! A renewable resource! Perfect!

Man, this is the money shot for Ontario's health care system as well! Can't you just envision the Liberal press conference where McGuinty announces his new green initiative to save health care dollars by creating new, green jobs?!

Jim Bradley will be the first one to endorse this horror scenario as a win-win!

Let's not forget - and this is important - Jim Bradley, the St. Catharines Liberal MPP - has already fearmongered that overpopulation was a serious problem. Jim Bradley is also a man-made climate-change fearmongerer. Bradley is a fan of state-controlled and underfunded no-patient-choice health monopolism, and Jim Bradley is a fan of Tommy the Commie Douglas - yeah, the same Good Ole Tommy who believed euthanasia was a viable option as a government policy for 'undesirables'. They cost too darn much.

Tom Spears wrote in “Critical threats to the world’s existence”, (Ottawa Citizen, Jul.21, 1991):

“Jim Bradley was Ontario's environment minister from 1985 to 1990, when the province cleaned up much of its acid rain and started enforcing pollution laws to the letter. The Liberal MPP for St. Catharines lists overpopulation, global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, discharge of persistent toxins, and deforestation of tropical and temperate forests.”


“The more population grows, says former Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley, ''the more agricultural land will be over-used, misused and removed; the more contaminated will become the air, water and soil; and the faster the oil, gas and other resources will disappear.'' The scientists in the Citizen poll say we must treat population control as a first step to solving other environmental problems.” (see also: )

A reverse (end of life) euthanasia, Soylent Green program (which Saves Costs! Creates Jobs - Green, Sustainable, Renewable Jobs !!!!!) would be a Liberal's wet dream, right? Whoever thought this concept would ever show itself in the government of the United States? Just give the Ontario Liberals some time...

Is this the 'hidden agenda', the gospel, of Liberal Kyoto-pusher Jim Bradley? Is this the so-called environmentalists’ saint’s true religion? Subjugating, if not sacrificing, humanity at the altar of the “environment”, and using government-controlled monopoly health-care as one of his means to this end?

If you breathe - you're exhaling Co2. Liberals such as Jim Bradley (and the U.S. EPA) have branded Co2 a danger. The best way to meet Kyoto's target is for Kyodiots to cut Co2 at the source - abort and euthanize. Less people, less pollution - right Jim!!?


2 -

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann wrote in "Rhetoric v reality, Health care by Orwell", (New York Post, Jul.23, 2009):

(see: )

Yeah - I've written that same rhetoric vs. reality line as well, many times in the past - because I've seen Ontario's lying' Liberal health care hypocrites in their two-faced glory!


3 -

Clifford Asness wrote a great article in "Health care Mythology, What We Know That Ain't So", (Real Clear Politics, Jul.23, 2009), which should be filed under 'Democrat Healthcare Duplicity":


This is a good, clear headed article - something a Demotard or a Canadian Liberal will certainly sneer at.


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