Friday, March 1, 2013

Kathleen Wynne claims she wasn't "in the room" when her Liberals conspired to buy themselves an election, financed by Ontario tax-dollars

Rob Ferguson (Feb.27, 2013 Toronto Star) wrote:

"As legislative committee hearings into the Mississauga and Oakville plants resume Thursday with a search for what opposition MPPs insist are withheld documents, Wynne said she wasn’t “in the room” when the cancellation decisions were made before the 2011 election — but will take responsibility."
Did anyone ask Ms. Kathleen Wynne-McGuinty [aka Ms. WynnGuinty] exactly when these 'cancellation decisions' were made? (Ferguson wrote: '...the cancellation decisions were made before the 2011 election', but, what exactly does he mean - before election day itself [ie during the actual election period], or, is he referring to before the 2011 election was even called??)

Was all this decided only during one solitary cabinet meeting - the one Ms. Kathleen WynnGuinty somehow conveniently missed?

Were there other cabinet meetings, dealing specifically with the gas-plant cancellation, prior to the cabinet meeting during which the actual cancellation decision was made?

Were any cabinet meetings on the gas-plant-cancellation held prior to the election being called?

Did anyone ask Ms. Kathleen WynnGuinty exactly who was "sitting in the room" during any of these meetings?!

Did anyone ask Ontario premier Ms. WynnGuinty where she actually was, if she wasn't "in the room"?!!

What really is Ms. Kathleen WynnGuinty 'taking reponsibility' for, anyway??

It's not like she'll ever make her backers in the Ontario Liberal Party pay back the hundreds of millions it cost taxpayers, so that Ontarians can now suffer the spectre of having gas-plant-cancellation-beneficiary Chuckie Sousa controlling Ontario's finances!! What a pathetic joke - and none of those Grits proudly claiming "reponsibility" will ever actually be held accountable.

And, its funny ...pathetic, really... how the Liberal-friendly faux-wrong-righting St.Catharines Standard Bradley Bootlicker, in Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's home riding, has conveniently not bothered to ask where their BestBoy Jimmy was!

Was Ontario's GreenFear-pushing Environment minister, Liberal Jim Bradley, "sitting in the room", when his disgusting Liberals decided to buy themselves an election using public funds?

Why are the wrong-righting Liberal-friendly propagandists at the St.Catharines Standard JimBradleyFanClub afraid to interview their hero Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about that?!!
So, let's fast-forward to Sue Ann Levy's column "Kathleen Wynne 'involved all along' in gas-plant cancellations, opposition says"  (Niagara Advance, Jul.24, 2013):

"Call it one of the most egregious cases of Liberal double-talk yet.
Shocking new revelations to the committee investigating the cancellation of two gas-fired plants show that despite her testimony to the contrary, new Premier Kathleen Wynne was very much part of the conversations surrounding the scandal’s coverup.
In a July 22 letter to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy, deputy minister of government services Kevin Costante confirms that some 1,233 backup tapes have been found — so far — containing emails produced by Wynne related to the gas plant cancellations.
The letter does not give any clue as to how many gas plant e-mails are on each of these tapes — only that the tapes have been found.
In testimony to the gas plant committee on June 6, Wynne denied any involvement in decisions to break her own government’s record-keeping laws by deleting the e-mails.
“Those were decisions that were made by other people in other conversations and I wasn’t part of those conversations ... I wasn’t in those rooms,” she told the committee on that June day.
“I can’t speak to the motivation and I can’t speak to the behind the scenes, because I wasn’t in those conversations.”
The 1,233 tapes belonging to Wynne’s e-mail account are part of some 3,226 “responsive” backup tapes found, including 1,494 tapes containing gas plant e-mails for former energy minister Chris Bentley.
Costante advises the committee in his letter that they will need to cough up anywhere from $1.7-million to $3.5-million to “create readable” e-mails from the tapes.
Wynne was in Niagara-on-the-Lake Wednesday hosting a three-day a meeting of the Council of the Federation, comprised of all provincial and territorial leaders.
But the opposition was quick to jump on the controversy-plagued premier.
PC MPP Vic Fedeli said this clearly shows Wynne has “been involved all along” and that she already knows what it cost to cancel the Oakville and Mississauga plants.
“It’s trying to keep the truth out of the public hands under after the (Aug. 1) byelections,” he said, pegging the $3.5-million bill to retrieve the e-mails as yet another Liberal “stall tactic.”
Gilles Bisson, NDP MPP for Timmins-James Bay, said it’s clear Wynne was not only in the “rooms” when the decisions were made about the gas plants but she was one of the decision makers that led to this gas-plant fiasco.
A Forum poll released exclusively to the Sun this week shows that 52% of those surveyed believe Wynne knew about the e-mail deletions. Almost one in four feel she actually ordered records related to the scandal to be deleted."
It looks like Ontario's 'new' Premier Liberal Liar Kathleen Wynne is as much a duplicitous slimebag as the old Liberal McGuinty ever was.
And yet amazingly teehee - the wrong-righters at the St.Catharines Standard still haven't bothered to interview St.Catharines Liberal MPP (aka Ontario's Godfather of GreenFear) Jim Bradley, about ANY of this!!
Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar Wynne was even in Niagara on Jul.24 for the premier's summit, yet, no Standard reporter dared ask her about her Liberal gas-plant lies!!! Hooray, Erica, Mark and Peter!!
[Oh, by the way: there was another great Dolighan cartoon choice in the Standard's pathetic July 22, 2013 edition! Well done, Wrong-Righters: keep the Liberal GreenFear simmering!! Don't ask Jim Bradley any difficult questions about his disastrous climatalarmism, and don't ask Ole Jimmy about his failed Liberal green fiasco, either: that's the way uh-huh uh-huh Warren Kinsella likes it!]
Let's not forget that Kathleen Wynne was the Liberal campaign co-chair (along with the thankfully-gone Greg Sorbara) when the seat-buying decisions were made to cancel the gas-plants, and let's remember that Kathleen Wynne (as a McGuinty loyal Grit hack minister) actually signed off on the Oakville gas plant cancellation!

As  PC candidate Steve Black wrote in the Oct.10, 2013 Timmins Press:
"It can be noted that Premiere Wynne was campaign co-chair when the decisions were made to cancel both gas plants, and that she signed the government document that authorized the Oakville gas plant cancellation. She has deceived and hidden costs of the cancellations from the taxpayers."

There you have it: Kathleen Wynne - Ontario`s newest bald-faced premier Liberal liar.