Friday, July 10, 2009

McGuinty liar Liberals - not NHS - must go

Doug Draper wrote in "NHS brass has lost so much public trust, it has to go", (Niagara This Week, Jul.10, 2009):

"... It ultimately speaks to a loss of confidence countless thousands of Niagara residents, especially in the southern tier, have when it comes to Sevenpifer and her group.

Many see the NHS as the group that barged ahead with plans to construct the only new hospital complex for which this region is likely to receive provincial funding for decades to come in west St. Catharines rather than a location more central for all Niagara residents. Then when about a dozen or so, mostly elderly residents from southern communities, held a picket at the groundbreaking for the new hospital this spring, they were almost outnumbered by a show of police – some on horseback – unlike any other this reporter can recall in his 30 years of covering groundbreaking ceremonies.

This past Monday, Port Colborne Mayor Vance Badawey called the NHS’s barging ahead with eliminating the emergency room in his community “reckless.” Last October, the same mayor said “you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of citizens of Port Colborne who now trust the word of any official of the NHS.”

It would probably take only a few more hands to count the number who trust them in other communities like Wainfleet, Welland, Niagara Falls and Fort Erie, and that is far from good enough for a group entrusted with something as important as our hospital services.

It’s high time the province stepped in and washed the group administering this NHS out. It has lost so much public trust at this point, how can it function with those it is supposed to serve? It has to go."

What is it with lefties attacking the NHS, for doing what their Liberal masters have ordered them to do?! Draper wants the province - the government of Liberal Liar McGuinty and his gang of Grits, to "step in"?

Are you FLICKING kidding, man?

These Liberals are the cause of what has transpired in this whole sad saga! They are the leaders of it all! This is the crew you want to turn to now:

'Oh, please, save us, save us, Dear Liberal MPP insert name here !
Please save us from what the evil NHS is doing to us, all on its own, without orders or funding from anywhere else!!
Please, Dear Liberal MPP, step in to save us, so that we may vote for you - again' ?! WTF?!

How is the NHS administration to blame for doing what the LHIN ordered it to do, when the LHIN was ordered by the Liberal health minister to cut budgets and streamline services? Is Draper saying that the NHS has some choice here, that the NHS can act independently on behalf of its (trapped) client-patients, and that the NHS is able to obtain its funding from sources other than McGuinty's restricted government rations?? We're in a single-payer health monopoly, underfunded by Liberal fascists! ( that too strong?) It's all fine and dandy to spout about the virtues of Liberal state-run, no-patient-payer-choice health care - until the duplicitous Liberals you rooted for screw you. Shocking, huh? And so then you blame... the hospital administrators?!

Of course Draper knows that the NHS doesn't make the rules, it follows them; and that the Liberal majority government of Dalton McGuinty should be the ones held fully to account.

McGuintyites have created this 'mistrust' of the NHS, and McGuintyites hope that Draper's mud sticks to anyone else - to the NHS; to the LHIN; even, inexplicably, somehow to Mike Harris or maybe Ralph Klein (!) - except to them and their local Liberal MPP's. McGuinty's vote-counters have calculated that they can forfeit south Niagara. The rural hick vote counts for nothing in 416Land.

It's nice to hear Draper describe Badawey's reaction to what his own Liberal party is doing. Let's ask what would have been different had Liberal Badawey actually won his riding? The answer: not much; as MPP, Badawey would be cowering and circling the Liberal rhetorical wagons, just like every other guilty Liberal MPP - just like Craitor, or Bradley.

Draper conveniently doesn't mention how a slithery George Smitherman actually conned his Liberal colleague Badawey about the McGuinty Liberals' commitment to Port Colborne's hospital - see: "Prognosis good for hospital", Aug.30, 2007, Welland Tribune. "Good", eh?! Yeah, that was only two years ago!

But as we've all seen, the actual prognosis was NOT so good, and McGuinty's secretive Liberals knew it, and were already hatching their plot...

It is not the NHS (which does a damn fine job under terrible conditions) which "has to go"; it is Dalton McGuinty's Liberal government that has to go.

I'll take the NHS staff over McGuinty and his Liberal shits any time.

The NHS is not the enemy - your local Liberal MPP is your enemy.

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