Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Single-payer sucks, 2

What a laugh to see all the copy cat lines about 'Dennis Kucinich setting straight Canadian David Gratzer'! I guess if you're clueless as to what is at stake, then somehow you might interpret that Kucinich set Gratzer straight on something. . . but it's entirely unclear exactly what Kucinich set straight. It was just Yankee jingoistic bravado, without substance, on display at that hearing. Canadians go to the States all the time for health care that is unavailable in single-payer Canada. The Kuciniches and the Dukakises overlook this! Single-payer shills such as Kucinich show their ignorance by asking non-starter irrelevant questions, such as how many are covered by health insurance in Canada - but, what's that got to do with anything, when all that provides is access to a waiting list, not access to health care? Look at the video and listen to bully Kucinich - this Demotard isn't interested in any stats - he's prejudiced the proceedings and clearly only interested in his own views! Kucinich wasn't interested in any answer of Gratzer 's - Kucinich was there presiding at an Obama Health Star Chamber session. Americans should be wary of Demotards who are willing to champion single-payer health socialism - such as Cuba's or Canada's - over much better hybrid private-parallel systems. Wake up, sheeple.

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