Friday, October 16, 2009

Quite frankly, let me be clear...

It's nice of St. Catharines Standard opinionist Doug YOWZERS Herod to spend so much time in his St. Catharines Standard Oct.16, 2009 column, making fun of Tim Hudak's use of the phrase 'quite frankly'. Now that's some impressive journopinionism! Doug EGADS Herod must've been really intrigued by Hudak to take all that time for what turned out to be a pointless piece. I guess Standard employees are forbidden to meticulously search the archives for Dalton McGuinty's lies, gaffes, and deceptions.

Of course, Herod - in over twenty years at the Standard - amazingly has not yet had enough time to compile a similar piece on local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley! Yep - throughout all of Bradley's Liberal government scandals and lies, Herod finds funnees with Hudak!

Herod can't find funnees with Bradley - even with one of the worst scandals in Ontario government history occurring this week, the McGuinty Incompetent Liberal Government's billion dollar eHealth fiasco.

Seemingly no-one at the Standard can even find Jim Bradley for a comment or interview - on anything! (unless it's done on Jim's terms!)

What an impressive job of spinsmanship it was for Herod to divert our attention from Bradley's Liberal Government Incompetence to fluff pieces about the opposition leader! Kudos.

Herod should be appointed Niagara's un-official Liberal press co-ordinator.

The Standard's soft-glove treatment of the local Liberal MPP is becoming quite noticeable; the constant avoidance of reference or comments from Bradley in news reports is becoming a predictable joke, as much a laughingstock as Obama's hackneyed, meaningless catch-phrase "let me be clear".

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