Thursday, October 29, 2009

Iggy Poop's EI retreat

So Mike Ignatieff's popularity is worse than the spectacularly dismal Steve Bumbledore Dion's? What astounding - and welcome - news. Iggy doesn't resonate with most Canadians. What went wrong? Just look at Wayne Easter, Ujjal Dosanjh, Gerrard Kennedy, Carolyn Bennett, Bob Rae for your answers...

Remember Iggy's big announcement that EI 'reform' was to be his great cause?!

Remember this Iggy Poop O Gram (see also here; also here; also here), sent out in Sept. courtesy of Ujjal Dosanjh, blabbing Liberal BS about EI?!
Well, it turns out it was all just Liberal BS, as now Iggy has waffled on his supposed grand EI ambitions! Now Iggy, aka The Flipflopinator, has gone cold - on his own idea!

See here for Herbert Grubel's Oct.29, 2009 National Post article on just how deceptive and misguided Iggy's EI bluster was.

Although Grubel's column was headlined "Liberals dodge EI bullet", and closes with "The Liberals did well to avoid repeating their historical mistake", it is this point which needs to be emphasized: the Liberals under Iggy dodged a bullet which they themselves loaded and fired!

This wasn't someone else's idea, which Iggy just walked away from (after trumpeting it for months!) - THIS WAS IGGY'S OWN IDEA! An idea which was simply a half-baked piece of Liberal hotair BS.

Grubel's closing (that "the Liberals did well to avoid repeating their historical mistakes") sloughs off the fact that Iggy's Liberals DID TRY TO REPEAT THEIR MISTAKE - AGAIN!

They didn't try "to avoid" it - they actively pursued it! What's worse: they pursued it knowing full well all those nasty details which Grubel carefully points out in his article. The Liberals knew (of course!) that their phony EI 'reforms' were bad for the economy: Iggy was brazenly playing politics here, and not acting in the best interests of Canada.

Iggy can't get his own pet policy initiatives straight - how can anyone believe Iggy could make stable decisions as Prime Minister?!

One day - Iggy's pushing EI reforms; next day - he's not!

Iggy's got an industrial size waffle maker.

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