Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stephane "Bumbledore" Dion's Priority Poop-O-Gram

Liberal MP Ken Dryden sent more Dion Poop-O-Grams today - to Niagara!? What the..?

Hope crapola-inspector Garth Turner makes a note of this Liberal waste of tree pulp and postal resources.

Dion's priority, at least for now, apparently - it might change next week - is "climate change" again, not the immigration issue which he only recently was so 'adamantly opposed to', but voted for anyway! Yep - it's spring, the snow is melting - so what better time than now for I-didn't-get-it-done Dion to trot out more of his insufferable priorities to fight ... oh, what's the use ... blah blah blah ... something about green ... blah blah blah sustainable blah blah blah children ... what ever, Bumbledore.

The only thing that's 'settled' is Bumbledore's spectacular skid-mark on Canada's political landscape. Ken Dryden's letter (or is it Bumbledore's missive? or, is this an example of the Liberals advertising for the IPCC?) quotes Rajendra Pachauri.

Did Ken Dryden or his boss, Bumbledore, read what Lorne Gunter wrote in "'Climate change'? It's what you want it to be", (National Post, Apr.21, 2008):

"Indeed, one of the reasons "global warming" morphed into "climate change," beginning a couple of years ago, was so any weather extreme could be interpreted as an omen of impending doom.
Despite the claims of the likes of Al Gore and David Suzuki, the planet has not warned appreciably since 1998, itself the warmest or second-warmest year on record. Eight of the last 10 years have not been the hottest in history.
Indeed, if you use 1998 as the base year, the Earth has cooled in the last decade. Even if you use 2002 as Year Zero, there has been no discernable warming. We have entered a "temperature plateau" so far this decade. Even Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, grudgingly had to admit as much a couple of months ago.
Talking with Britain's Guardian newspaper in January, Dr. Pachauri admitted he and the UN climate body he heads are looking into the flat-lining temperatures. All the computer models of climate say we should still be warming, but we're not.
"Are there natural factors compensating?", the Indian economist wondered. It seems never to have occurred to him -- nor to most environmentalists -- that natural factors might be causing the fluctuations in temperature seen in the recent decades and that humans have little to do with it.
Climate change has replaced global warming in green rhetoric in part because there is less and less proof that much warming is occurring, but also so that whenever there is a climate catastrophe -- too much cold or too much heat, too much rain or too little, more hurricanes or fewer, longer summers or early frosts -- all of it could be blamed on humans."

Pachauri had to admit that the computer model predictions of impending world-wide doom were not meeting with the IPCC climatalarmists expectations ?!

You don't say!!

Yet, in the above Liberal Poop-O-Gram, the disengenuous GreenFear-pushers Stephane Dion and Ken Dryden don't mention anything about THAT!!

Talk about Gritty Poop and Gore-bull warming.
Funny how Dion, Dryden, Turner, Ignatieff and the other Liberal GreenFear-mongers had little to say in 2015 about the disaster that was Rajendra Pachauri!

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