Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You [ insert colour here ] bastards!

Googling (on Apr.8, 2008) the search terms [“Russell Peters” and “Juno” and “brown bastards”] yielded not even one result.

So I Googled [“Rob Ford” and “oriental”] ... which yielded 13,000 results!

Many of these were the obligatory denunciations from the politically-correct, tut-tutting about Ford’s supposedly-evil remarks about ‘Orientals working like dogs’.

Yet, when comedian Russell Peters hosted the nationally-televised Juno Awards, within minutes into his routine he referred to South Asians with his trademark “you brown bastards”… and no one says anything? No high-brow moralistic censure about such insulting humour leading to the downfall of Canadian society??

Here’s a typical moralistic story from CBC News, Mar.7, 2008, whining about Ford, titled “Outdated term 'Oriental' has no place at city hall: prof”:

“It's time for elected officials in Ontario to retire the term "Oriental" because it's outdated and offensive, says a university professor who has written on the subject.
Anthony Chan, a former broadcaster who works as a Canadian studies professor at the University of Washington, made the comment after a Toronto city councillor referred to "Oriental people" this week in a debate about shopping on statutory holidays.
Coun. Rob Ford said: "Those Oriental people work like dogs. They work their hearts out. They are workers non-stop. They sleep beside their machines. That's why they are successful in life."
Ford went on: "I'm telling you, Oriental people, they're slowly taking over.… They're hard, hard workers."
Ford has apologized for his choice of words, but Chan, who obtained his PhD from York University in Toronto, said the term is really an ethnic slur that should be laid to rest.
Chan said he understands the term "Oriental" continues to be part of some people's lexicon but the acceptable, and more accurate, term to use these days is "Asian."
Oriental refers to the Orient, which has been used to refer to the Far East. Historically, the Orient was a term used in Western culture to refer to Asia.
Chan said, at the very least, Ford has raised an important issue by using the term. "I love a guy like that because he brings out what we need to think about," he said.
But he said using such a term undermines all the talk in Toronto about diversity. "When you start demeaning people, the whole diversity and the whole attitude of equity and fairness and social justice is just not there," he said.
Chan first raised the issue of the inappropriate use of the word "Oriental" in a paper he wrote in 1978, while a student at York University.
Chan, currently on sabbatical from his job at the University of Washington, is a filmmaker and author. He works at the Canadian Studies Centre of the university's Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies.”

It is a comedy, is it not, when egghead profs raise red flags about “ethnic slurs”, claiming "When you start demeaning people, the whole diversity and the whole attitude of equity and fairness and social justice is just not there." Come on.

So where’s the CBC story condemning Peters for his "ethnic slur"?

Where’s the “social justice” and “fairness” and “equity” when the host of a national awards show blithely 'demeans' the “brown bastards” in his audience?? Shit - that's funny!

Where’s Professor Chan and his pontifications about the ‘undermining of diversity’??

Talk about a double standard: If Ford had said what Peters had - in no matter what venue, a comedy club, or at Toronto City Hall (and it’s often hard to tell the difference between the two – no not between Ford and Peters; City Hall and a comedy club) - the politically-correct hypocrite nut-jobs would go ballistic.

Yes, apparently it’s only acceptable to demean your own kind. (oops – already I may have just insulted some Liberal or NDP brainwashed wackjob by writing that…oops…now the wackjobs are insulted…)

Maybe if Peters had referred to white bastards (or yellow or black? Why stop at colour? Their religions are a laugh, too, no??) , one or two smug Ford-bashers might then think to themselves…whaaa….?! Hey, wait a minute….!

Shouldn’t Toronto mayor/comedian David Miller and his socialist lapdogs on council be protecting the morality and the social equity of Torontonians who were watching the Junos on their TV’s in Toronto? Why does David Miller do nothing about the “brown bastards” racism being broadcast on TV’s in his city’s supposedly-clean streets, in his supposedly socially equitable neighbourhoods?! OMG!!! The purveyors of high-minded morality who deride Ford, must think the use of “brown bastards”, on the other hand, is cool, and acceptable!

Why, it’s a joke, fool…don’t you get it? Self-deprecating, and all that...

Hey, now, don’t go running off to the Human Rights Tribunal….

Here’s what Amy Ko wrote on Mar.14, 2008 as a response to the above CBC story:

“I am an Oriental, and I don't find the term "Oriental" offensive. Whether they work like dogs is another matter, but what's the big deal about the word Oriental? I did a google search on the word "Oriental." There are 71,300,000 results. Among them include Oriental hotels, Oriental babies, Oriental science, Oriental institute, Oriental theatre, Oriental bank, Oriental cat etc. Oriental seems like an elegant word to me. Let's look at the word Asian. Asians should include east Asians, south-east Asians, middle-east Asians, Eurasians etc They are all Asians, from Asia. In fact, being someone from Hong Kong, I'd rather be called an Oriental than a Chinese, because, hey, if I liked being a Chinese so much, I wouldn't come to Canada in the first place. So, Anthony Chan, I think you're wrong on this issue. I like being called an Oriental. A long-time immigrant from Hong Kong.”

Man, if only Rob was brown skinned, and Russell wasn’t. Would the messenger change the message?

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