Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jim Bradley blames 'climate change' for causing rust!

On the 6pm CTV News (Apr.2, 2008), Liberal MPP Jim Bradley was being interviewed regarding a lamp post that fell from a highway overpass onto the 401 at McCowan Rd. It was reported that high winds and a rusty base caused the post to fall.

So what does Jim Bradley attribute this to? Wait for it…Bradley blames it on: climate change!

This Liberal is un-FLICKING-believable! And this clown is the Minister of Transportation!!?

If salt was used in the past to ameliorate black ice and snow conditions, and eventually led to the posts rusting, how is that related to anthropogenic climate change?? If anything, it shows that we had years of cold and icy winters. If anything, it shows we need to better engineer and maintain our public infrastructure. If we did have ‘global warming’, then that would certainly cut down on the salt use!

Rust has been around for years, Jim! Perhaps Bradley can now agitate to have the natural process of oxidation banned under Kyoto! (Yet when people are throwing rocks at cars from bridges, or when pedestrians are hit and thrown from bridges, Bradley doesn’t bother to build safety barriers)

It seems that everything has to be filtered through Kyoto for this loopy Liberal to notice.

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