Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blame Liberals

This edited letter ("Blame Liberals", seen at left) was printed in Niagara This Week's Oct.28, 2009 edition; the original submission which I had sent to the editor is below:

Re: Susan A. Salzer letter, "NHS systemic failures revealed", Niagara This Week, Oct.8, 2009:

I agree with much of Salzer’s letter, but differ when she places blame on the NHS, but not on the NHS’s Liberal bosses.

Of course there is a systemic failure in Dalton McGuinty's Incompetent Liberal Government-run health system: the failure is caused by ideological Liberal adherence to single-payer health monopolism. Liberals refuse to acknowledge this paradigm: they continue to believe that more state intrusion, and correspondingly less patient payer and provider choice [and, naturally, less government accountability and transparency] is the answer. In other words, their solution to the last forty-years-worth of state-run single-payer failure - is more government control.

Salzer asks "who else should be held responsible" for the NHS's problems, and advocates that the NHS should be 'beat up' - yet Salzer does not even mention the Liberal government's ideological complicity in this situation!

Is the NHS solely to blame for the health care cuts and underfunding imposed by their Liberal masters, while McGuinty, George Smitherman, David Caplan, Deb Matthews, Jim Bradley, and Kim Craitor are held harmless? Does anyone believe Caplan’s well-orchestrated departure, just before the eHealth fiasco was revealed, has solved anything? The NHS has consistently stated it is underfunded; yet at the same time, their unaccountable Liberal bosses were blowing a billion dollars over at eHealth. Now, McGuinty's secretive Liberals still refuse to call a full inquiry into eHealth.

The "overcrowded emergency rooms, ambulance backlogs and a shortage of beds" that Salzer writes about are a gift from her local Liberal health care monopolists!

This is the legacy of statist monopoly health care - what else could one expect?

Salzer writes that 'we object to Niagara's second-rate health care' - but what we should really be objecting to is the failed Liberal single-payer ideological monopoly that spawned it.

[see also here on above letter]
I heard federal Liberal Carolyn Bennett (CFRB with Jim Richards, Oct.29, 09) squawking her partisan, muddy views on the swine-flu/adjuvant issue for pregnant women; yet she couldn't make her own message clear.

The only thing Bennett made clear was her own partisan spin on the issue.

As CFRB's Brian Lilley pointed out later in Richards' show-gram, Carolyn Bennett is just full of "fake outrage".

Oh... where is Bennett's (or Michael Iggy Ignore-atieff's) flicking Liberal outrage when it comes to Ontario Liberal Health Minister, the elusive and missing-in-action Deb Matthews?

Carolyn Bennett even ridiculously claimed in Richards' interview (which Richards should have challenged) that the federal government 'thinks health care is a provincial matter'.
Carolyn: health care IS a provincial matter! WTF?!
Why doesn't loudmouth Liberal windebagge Bennett find Deb Matthews and ask Matthews her opinion on this little smarmy spin of Bennett's?!
McGuinty would also be quite interested to find out that health care is not Ontario's responsibility!
Really now - does Ignatieff believe Bennett's position that health care is somehow NOT a provincial responsibility?!

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