Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Liberal riding official thinks assassinating Canada's Prime Minister is a joke

above: Front page story, St. Catharines Standard, July 10, 2008 (click photo to enlarge)

above: screen view before pg.3 was removed from the St. Catharines Liberal riding's spring 2008 newsletter. (Click photos to enlarge)

It is simply astounding, the sickening depth to which Canadian Liberals have now fallen.

St. Catharines Liberal riding association chief Jane Cornelius, in her spring 2008 Liberal party newsletter, wrote a “joke” about the assassination of Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and his wife.

View this utter Liberal garbage here (pg3) to judge for yourself the sheer Liberal smarm in all its smug glory. (note: pg.3 was subsequently removed)

This so-called humour is a disgraceful sign of the moral vacuity in Bumbledore Dion's tasteless Liberal party.


GlobalPundit said...

Oh come off it. Rick knew about this cartoon for months beforehand and waited until Dion was in St.Catharines to make a stink. I'm partial to absolutely NO party in this country but it's clear the media were cleverly duped and Conservatives succesfully - and craftily - diverted attention from Dion's Town Hall meeting.

R.Bobak said...

The St.Catharines Standard reported on Jan.13, 2012 that Jane Cornelius was let go from her 100k+ job at the NHS.