Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dion's Green-Shaft carnival act shot down by Liberal's own friendly-fire

above: a view of the front page of Niagara This Week, July 11, 2008:  Three solemn stooges looking like deer caught in the headlights.
I wrote in "Dizzy From The Liberal Spin", Niagara This Week, July 23, 2008:

Re: "Release a smear attempt by Tories, Lastewka says," (July 16, 2008, Niagara This Week):

"The way in which Liberals, caught with their pants down, have spun this incident is a great case study in duplicity.

The fact is that it was Walter Lastewka's own federal Liberal riding association which not only attempted to, but actually did the smearing!

It was St. Catharines Liberal riding president Jane Cornelius who wrote a pathetic "joke" laughing about the friendly-fire airplane shooting and the killing of Canada's Prime Minister Harper and his wife.

Tellingly, since this Grit garbage was published in their April-May newsletter, and prior to Dion's visit, no Liberal had bothered to utter a word of concern or protest over this tasteless "joke". Apparently, the murder of the sitting Conservative Prime Minister was hilarious, acceptable humour to many Liberals.

Now, Lastewka pleads ignorance, and wants us to believe that somehow -- and listen to his contorted logic -- that he, the Liberal candidate, blissfully knew nothing of this joke, while making unsubstantiated accusations that the Conservatives did.

Therefore: in Lastewka's mind, the Conservatives are to blame for revealing Cornelius's disgusting Liberal joke about murdering Canada's Prime Minister.

Truly incredible. How can anyone possibly believe Lastewka's skewed claim that the Conservatives knew of this joke, yet he himself didn't? Doesn't this guy bother to read his own party's newsletters?

Lastewka ridiculously claimed St Catharines MP Dykstra had weeks to respond to the newsletter, but chose to wait until Dion's visit. But in reality, it was Lastewka himself who had several months to respond to his own Liberal riding president's disgusting diatribe.

In reality it was Lastewka who, in claiming to know nothing, did nothing and chose to wait. Instead of taking ownership of the issue and confronting Cornelius's hateful claptrap, Lastewka was asleep at the wheel.

Lastewka failed to act responsibly then and fails to accept responsibility now.

Stephane Dion's joke of a visit to green-shaft St. Catharines was shot down by none other than candidate Lastewka's own friendly-fire."

Cornelius's "joke" has recently been deleted from page 3 of the Liberal's April-May newsletter on their website.

In its stead, a new page now displays what amounts to a half-assed supposed 'apology' from Liberal riding president Jane Cornelius - but again, please read it (click: Liberal riding official thinks assassinating Canada's Prime Minister is a joke ) to judge for yourself what kind of bitter smarm passes for Liberal contrition these days.

Bumbledore Dion certainly was none too pleased to step in Cornelius's cowpie during his St. Catharines visit.

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