Monday, July 28, 2008

Jim Bradley keenly rubblizes health-care in Niagara

You gotta love the St. Catharines Standard's front-page story (“Concrete recycled to rebuild highway", by Matthew Van Dongen, July 28, 2008) for the way in which Jim Bradley’s Liberal ass was kissed in plain public view!

In the story, Bradley is brought in to blab about how on-site “rubblizing” (crushing and recycling aggregates within a project) is ‘saving the environment’, as Van Dongen spun it. “The St. Catharines MPP said he’s keen on “greener approaches to highway construction.” Isn't that precious!

As if this has never been done before!! As if adding shredded rubber or other materials to road aggregates and toppings has never been done before!! Anything to cast Ole Keener Jimmy in a glowing light, eh?!

Van Dongen writes Bradley "acknowledged not everyone believes words like “green” and “highway” can co-exist."

But it was Bradley himself who for years painted the idea that ‘green and highways’ can’t coexist!!

Van Dongen, the St. Catharines Standard's “Green Team” columnist laughably didn't bother to mention Jim’s other secret life as Mr. Greenpants personified!! Yet the words "Jim Bradley" and "FLICKING HYPOCRITE" do co-exist quite well.

Good Ole Jimmy for years keenly portrayed himself as a political Mr. Natural; that somehow he was against highways and for GO Transit. (See: Asking Liberal Transportation Minister Jim Bradley: Where is Niagara's GO Train? ) Now, Good Ole Roadbuildin’ Jimmy, as if in some dual-personality schizo state, smugly pretends that this stance was someone else’s, not his!!

Van Dongen also quoted Jim Bradley ominously saying: “Some people don’t want us to build any more highways”. WHO said that, Matthew? Why just leave such Bradleyesque utterings unchallenged? What kind of “reporting” is this, anyway? Bradley - Ontario's sorry Transportation Minister - says something like that, and there’s no follow-up question??

Was Bradley sniping at the Green Party, whose federal leader, Elizabeth May, was quoted in Niagara This Week (Nov.28, 2007) saying “I hate the idea of getting ready for the mid-pen…I want to stop it”? Or, was Bradley referring to his own Liberal party's games of deferring the mid-pen to repetitive EA’s?

What’s astounding is not so much that Van Dongen was brown-nosing Bradley, but that anyone at the St. Catharines Standard could even FIND our Stealth Minister, the elusive Jim Bradley!

It’s unbelievable – Jim Bradley is nowhere to be found in the St. Catharines Standard when his Liberal-government is “rubblizing” health care in Niagara - but, amazingly, Good Ole Jimbo pops up in a front-page Standard puff-piece extolling Good Ole Jimbo’s hallowed greenliness!!

Who cares about Jim Bradley's Liberal health care duplicity?

The Big News folks, is that Jim's Keener & Greener!!

Why didn't this St. Catharines Standard reporter - or any St. Catharines Standard reporter - take the opportunity of Jim Bradley's brief emergence from his Cone Of Silence, to grill Bradley about his failing health care policies?! Our health system is being crushed, while the local MPP blithely babbles about crushing stones?! THIS becomes front-page news?

Is Jim Bradley being given a soft ride by the local press? Is Jim Bradley even being asked to respond to the health care changes being unveiled by the NHS? Or, is Jim Bradley refusing to answer press and constituent questions regarding his Liberal health-care system?? We don't really know. Why are local press articles, when writing of the health care system, not plainly saying somewhere in the story that 'we contacted Mr. Bradley regarding this issue and have not received a reply' ? At least readers would be assured that the press is attempting to contact the MPP. How is it that Bradley is available for a story about stone-crushing, but not about health-care?

What’s next for the Standard, to tout Bradley as our hallowed Father of the Environmental Government?! (That’s been done, see: Liberal Jim "Aw, shucks" Bradley: Greenshevik Idol) .

How about linking the greenie '100-mile diet' fad to a new Bradley-led '100-mile health-care' fad?!!

Yep - Good Ole Jimmy can be portrayed by his St. Catharines Standard proxies touting the benefits of the NHS’s new HIP as “good for your hips”!

“Get out there and use your hips”, a bold, inspirational Jim Bradley can proclaim. Everyone in Niagara will be forced to another city for health care. “Anyway, it’s better for your hips if you walk to the hospital in another city! This will also save the environment!”

This kind of B.S. spin coming from the Liberals or their fawning sycophants is entirely possible. Of course, no one at the greenie column asked Jimbo what kind of environmental footprint would result from closing down the healthcare access to half of Niagara! Maybe Bradley will have to build a GO Train from Fort Erie to St. Catharines – by virtue of his Liberal skewed health care policies, he now has a reason!

Bradley’s own integrity (based on duplicitous Liberalism) has self-rubblized before our very eyes.
update: In the summer of 2011, Jim Bradley's Liberal health-care monopoly killed off some 32 Niagara-area patients (as of Aug.24, 2011) with C. difficile infection - yet the St.Catharines Standard STILL has not interviewed their Golden Boy Jim Bradley on that issue! With 32 patients dead, in Bradley's own backard, in Jim's own Liberal-controlled health monopoly, Bradley's buddies at the Standard still keep on wiping Jim Bradley's Liberal ass - as they've done for years.

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