Monday, July 28, 2008

Leftist hypocrisy

In Aug. 2006, I wrote that Pulse Niagara columnist Mike Truscello’s “pathological obsession with “neo-con” conspiracy theories, while mildly entertaining, should be challenged when he starts accusing Israel of war crimes. Lest facts get in Truscello’s way, let’s remember that Israel was attacked by Hezbollah while Lebanon was supposedly being monitored by the UN.

Truscello can’t resist twisting Mr. Harper’s accurate assessment of Israel’s “measured response”, bizarrely accusing Harper of “applauding Israel as it bombs civilian targets”. Using such Truscello-style logic, can we infer that Truscello “applauds” attacks upon Israeli civilians?

Nowhere does Truscello bother to acknowledge or condemn the continual rocket and suicide attacks upon random Israelis. Hezbollah even indiscriminately bombed a Haifa neighborhood of predominantly Arab Israelis.

Truscello laughs off that Israel’s self-defense was “measured”. Would the degree of “response” better suit Truscello if it was more like in the good ole days of the Holocaust – ie none? Israelis are not playing in a “script”, as provocateurs like Truscello purport: this is not “Survivor” on TV - it’s survivor for real. The “endgame” Truscello ignores is the jihadist call for the end of Israel.

“What’s happening in the Middle East?” Truscello’s July 27, 2006 column asks. Well, Mike, it seems that Jew hating Islamo-fascists still keep on killing Israelis. And shamefully, it seems like many left-wing apologists can find no crime in that.”

I was reminded again of Truscello by this National Post column of July 28, 2008:

“The recent swap of live Hezbollah fighters for dead Israeli soldiers bothered many readers. But Eli William Benyacar Cadesky raised a question that may have gone unasked: “If captured alive, then how did those two brave soldiers die? Isn’t it contrary to UN regulations to murder captured soldiers or fail to supply them with necessary medical attention? If that is the case, why are we are not hearing outcries of human rights violations? I have asked this question to several papers and human right organizations and have never received a reply.”

Shameful ... and predictable.

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