Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stealth Minister Jim Bradley still hiding from health care scrutiny

Here's a letter sent to Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, on July 5, 2008:

"As Ontario's known C. Diff body-count rises in your secretive health-care monopoly, I’m still waiting for a reply from your smug Liberal government, regarding my letter (see: Ombudsman must investigate Liberal health monopoly) which I had sent to you on Dec.30, 2007, asking you to immediately call for an Ombudsman’s investigation into your health system.

Your office wrote back on Dec.31, 2007 saying:

"Thank you for your e-mail addressed to the Honourable Jim Bradley,Minister of Transportation. Your e-mail is important to us. It has beenforwarded to the appropriate Ministry office for review and we will getback to you as soon as possible. Once again, thank you for bringing your concerns to Minister Bradley'sattention. He always appreciates hearing from members of the public."

Mr. Bradley, it's nice of you to claim to ‘appreciate hearing from members of the public’, but members of the public also appreciate hearing answers from their elected representatives.

I also wrote to you on July 4, 2008 (see: Secretive Liberals hide from C. Diff accountability) - again, regarding the Ombudsman and health-care; will you ignore that letter too?

How many deaths might have been prevented since I wrote to you in Dec.2007, had your government acted, not arrogantly, but responsibly - and allowed the Ombudsman's Office to investigate the systemic problems within your Liberal health-care monopoly?

Why are you and your Liberals hiding from allowing the Ombudsman's Office to investigate your health-care monopoly? Do you think your smug Liberal government is somehow demonstrating transparency and accountability by avoiding scrutiny?

I’m sure all Ontarians, including the press, the opposition parties, and the public, would ‘appreciate’ an answer."

Our vaporous, elusive Liberal Minister of Stealth, Jim Bradley, still hasn't bothered to reply.

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R.Bobak said...

As of July 4, 2011,(after an almost five-week-long C. difficile outbreak in the Niagara Region, where so far 16 C. diff-infected patients have died) Liberal MPP Jim Bradley HAS NOT SAID ANYTHING about this outbreak in his own city's backyard.
The arrogance of these McGuinty Liberals is shocking.
These Liberal ideologically-bent scumbags can now be seen as the irresponsible single-payer despotic health-monopolists that they are.
In 2007, a secretive, smug Bradley couldn't give a flying FLICK about my concerns.
Now, in 2011, this Liberal bastard's health-monopoly is killing patients in his own riding, and this clown still hides from comment, and astoundingly, from actual media scrutiny!Bradley's actions have demonstrated he and his secretive Liberals are beyond irresponsible: they are outright negligent