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Niagara C.difficile deaths in 2011 directly attributable to McGuinty Liberal negligence in 2008

It was interesting to read two stories on pg.A4 of the Feb.10, 2012 St.Catharines Standard - "C.difficile outbreak ends at Niagara Falls hospital" by Alison Langley, and "Other systems turn to NHS to fight superbug" by Grant Lafleche. Somehow, no Liberals were dare interviewed in either story!

Langley wrote about how "enhanced infection prevention  protocols" have now been "embedded into our daily routine" throughout the NHS in the "last several months".

Isn't that great to hear: too bad almost 40 patients had to die before McGuinty's Liberal-run, LHIN-supervised health-monopoly franchise in Niagara got its act together.

Why weren't these newly-found procedures implemented and 'embedded' as routine protocols several years ago?

Can one imagine the smug outrage, the sanctimonious uproar, had such blatant incompetency occurred in a private hospital? All the executives would be raked over the coals, or worse; yet the perpetrators of the C. diff laissez-faire attitude in Niagara - the Liberal monopolists who direct and fund the LHIN and NHS - have gotten away without recrimination.

Debbie Sevenpifer had been the left's favourite target/scapegoat for everything which was wrong in Niagara, never mind that the same kind of systemic incompetence was playing out elsewhere throughout Liberal monopolist Ontario. Then, after Sevenpifer was canned, and a series of deadly C.diff outbreaks occurred in Niagara in 2011, suddenly, 'harris' was being blamed, for forming the NHS!! Somehow - after eight years of unfettered monopolist McGuinty majority rule - the Liberals HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT !!!!!!!!!

No Liberals were ever hurt during the deadly C.diff outbreak which they helped perpetrate in Niagara. How's that, you ask?

Well, let's do ask: let's ask (...seeing that Niagara's local liberal-besotted press won't...) local Niagara MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor why their Liberal majority government hid and quashed having a public C. difficile inquiry in 2008 - when hundreds of C. diff patients were already dying throughout Ontario!

Certainly, no reporter from the St.Catharines Standard or Niagara This Week has ever bothered asking our local Liberal scumbags Kimmy'N'Jimmy about their direct complicity in Niagara's 2011 C. difficile horror.

No one has dared to ask Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor why their Liberal government had lied to Ontarians in 2008 - despite the already then hundreds of Ontario C.diff deaths - by telling us that we didn't need a public inquiry, because the Liberals knew all there was to know about C. diff!

We were told by McGuinty's Lying Liberals to just wash our hands, and that everything was going to be OK; then, Smitherman, Craitor, and Bradley washed their hands of the problem, and continued on their merry monopolist despotic way.

And so, three years later, in 2011, several C.difficile outbreaks again brought deathly havoc in Niagara - yet no one asked why a floundering NHS was for all intents and purposes, completely caught off guard!!

No one from the Liberal-butt-licking Niagara press bothered to ask Liberal exrcementalist Jim Bradley about why the NHS was unprepared for C.diff in 2011, seeing that just 3 years earlier, in 2008, Bradley's Liberals were hiding from a public C.diff inquiry, while (fraudulently, we now see) telling us that all was OK in their health monopoly.

The Bradley-bootlickers at the St.Catharines Standard - to their disgusting, ever-lasting shame - did not once bother to carry out an interview with their Liberal buddy Jim Bradley about the killer C. diff outbreak, as it was occurring, in 2011, in Jim's own riding.
Jim Bradley miraculously vanished from the scrutiny of the press!
Jim Bradley's Liberal healthcare fraud was to be protected at all costs, and no links were to be mentioned! (...oh, rest assured that therre would have been plenty of links by Lafleche or Fraser and the boys, if it were Conservatives who dismissed a public inquiry with false claims - which later led to more (preventable) deaths!)

As the Niagara C.diff patient death toll rose through out the summer of 2011, the St.Catharines Standard, instead of covering Jim Bradley, disgustingly covered-up for Jim Bradley.

So now we get spin from the Standard's Lafleche, telling us glowingly how - get this - the NHS is now a glorious healthcare beacon, "a provincial leader in infection control"!! But: where was this leadership last year - or, in 2008?? Lafleche haha couldn't bother getting into that!
What revisionist, rehabilitative, whitewashing, utterly deceptive propaganda!!!

So, only now - after nearly 40 dead C.diff patients - the NHS suddenly 'finds' new methods and protocols to implement, suddenly becoming the poster-child for infection-control for the whole of Ontario?!?
Are you kidding, Grant?!? (Time to add ANOTHER glittering award to Lafleche's trophy case: the Liberal Jim Bradley Bullshitter Award)
Had Ontario not been deprived by McGuinty's secretive Liberals of a public C.diff inquiry in 2008, such infection protocols and procedures would have already been publicly discussed, and instituted, everywhere in Ontario!! Liberal ass-kissing 'fake news'-spreaders in the media refused to mention that.

Now, we are being told how the NHS is a leader in C.diff infection control - something which McGuinty's Liberals had consciously - negligently - refused to consider in 2008! Come on!!

Now Lafleche joyfully points out how the Bluewater health system is looking to the NHS for advice!

But, why didn't Bluewater get their infection control protocols FROM McGUINTY'S LIBERALS, back in 2008, by way of a public C. diff inquiry, instead of now looking to an equally-flustered NHS in 2012???! Not surprisingly, Lafleche heh heh couldn't be bothered to ask any Liberal about that. (How about another urinalism award to Lafleche, eh?!)

This all should have been dealt with and implemented in 2008!! McGuinty's secretive Liberals, we now clearly see, gambled that their bare minimum efforts, along with their smarmy political spin and their untouchable majority-gov't.-fiat, would get them through. These Liberal health monopolists gambled with Ontarians' lives, and lives were consequentially lost.

There is a direct, unmistakable link between Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor's lying Liberals smugly quashing the C.diff inquiry in 2008, to Niagara's subsequent horrible summer of C.diff death three years later in 2011-12.

We found out, only recently, that the NHS didn't even have a full time infection control specialist on staff!! Yet, no one has bothered to ask Jimmy'N'Kimmy why their Liberals obviously had allowed this to occur. The Liberal-appointed LHIN cozily sits quiet on the issue. Apparently, under McGuinty, nobody's to blame, for anything.

Now it is being trumpeted how the NHS  - as Ontario's newly supreme "leader" in infection control - has suddenly 'discovered' protocols and procedures - which were already regularly in use in U.S. hospitals!!

Once again: why then weren't these ALREADY known and implemented in Ontario by McGuinty's single-payer-pushing Liberals back in 2008, when hundreds of Ontarians had already been killed, and when there was a chance to prevent further unnecessary deaths??

Why are such tools as gels and UV lighting only now being 'discovered' in Liberal-monopoly-run Ontario??
Why is it now up to the NHS to muddle around for solutions (and for Bluewater and perhaps other Ontario health systems, to follow the NHS) when this should have all been previously studied and solutions implemented Ontario-wide, via a public inquiry, in 2008??

For Gaia's sake, please don't ask Jim Bradley 'bout any of that! (...and the St.Catharines Standard won't..! In fact, the St. Catharines Standard has NEVER asked Jim Bradley about his disgusting role in the C.difficile deaths in Niagara, and in Ontario.)

Bradley and McGuinty smugly and regularly denigrated and dumped on the American health system! Why didn't monopolists McGuinty and Bradley implement the best practices and the state-of-the-art procedures which the US hospitals were already implementing?
Does it have anything to do with the the inherent anti-American chauvinism infused into Ontario's inbred Liberal scumbag monopolists, who sanctimoniously laughed at the Americans while singing fraudulent praises to Tommy Douglas? You can bet that it was the sick single-payer fascistic ideology of Liberals such as Jim Bradley which played a major part in killing hundreds of Ontario patients.

McGuinty's Liberal-orchestrated,  anti-patient-choice  monopolist  negligence in 2008, is directly linked to the C. difficile deaths and horror in Niagara, in 2011.

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