Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Niagara's Top News Story of 2011: how the St.Catharines Standard aided and abetted Jim Bradley during Niagara's Liberal Summer of C.diff Death

Further to my earlier post:

It's officially a pathetic tragi-comedy: Health care is the top story of the year, the "Newsmaker of the Year", as the Dec.28, 2011 St.Catharines Standard proclaimed; yet of course, local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, whose government created the LHIN's which forced the HIP cuts onto the NHS, was not even mentioned.

What else is new from Niagara's oldest Bradley-butt-wiping rag of record?

Yep: the front-page story in the Dec.28, 2011 Standard (written by "Standard Staff", under the headline "Niagara Health System dominated headlines mostly for wrong reasons") noted that "37 patients with hospital-associated C.difficile infections died" in Niagara...

( Bradley's Liberal-run health monopoly; you know, the one Good Ole Jimmy [suddenly] has nothing to do with...!)

...yet ...uh... because Jim Bradley has nothing to with it, the Standard, therefore ( all makes sense, really...) has never carried an interview with their own secretive local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about these deaths!!

See: it does makes sense: had a Conservative been the MPP during Niagara's Summer of  C.diff Death, the Standard would have been working overtime devoting reams of editions dedicated to the story, scrutinizing its part-and-parcel politics...

(...btw: it wasn't even clear in this Standard story what exactly they meant about the NHS being in the headlines (...mostly their and NTW's headlines...) for the "wrong reasons"; the mysterious "Standard staff" writers did not say what the "right reasons" would have been. The headline just doesn't make sense in context to their story. Over 3 dozen C. diff patients died in Niagara - were we supposed to pretend that this WASN'T newsworthy??)

It's just that easy for Jim Bradley to vanish.

And it's just that easy for the St.Catharines Standard to act as Jim Bradley's enablers; protectively, sensitively, carefully and strategically looking the other way when it comes to analyzing Precious Ole Jim.

Score another wrong-not-righted by Wendy Metcalfe's unofficial Niagara Liberal Propaganda Unit.
...and, no, Bolichowski's year-end-story "Bradley sees brighter times ahead", tucked into the Dec.31, 2011 Standard, was not an interview, but simply stenography sans analysis - typical Standard regurgitated stuff, almost election-style friendly fodder, an 'atta-boy' gift of enablement from the Standard to Jimmy. Whatever Ole Brighter Times Jimmy spouted, the Standard gobbled it up.

Bolichowski didn't bother asking Jim Bradley how many C. diff deaths could have been prevented in Niagara in 2011, had Bradley's secretive lying Liberals not quashed a public C. difficile inquiry in 2008!

Gosh: Jeff didn't even bother to go off-script and ask Jim Bradley (Ontario's Alberta-hatin' climatalarmist Environment Minister ...oops, pardon... Kyodiot) whether he's a Chiquita or a Dole banana man!

See the Mobil ad near the Jimmy-fawning story?! Ironic placement, eh, considering how Jimmy hates oil! ...and doctors ...and truth...

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